We are the largest brick and mortar CBD retail store in the country. We offer high quality third party lab tested CBD product that is USDA certified organic grown and manufactured in the USA. My wife and I a former Air Force Veterans and our primary goal in our community is to help our veteran brothers and sisters who may have never thought about CBD as a holistic alternative. We have a program where veterans can get 1 free bottle of 300 mg water soluble of their choice for free every month for a year. We strive to be the most knowledgeable staff so that we may be the educators in our community on how CBD and be a positive experience your lives. My wife and I are also nutritionists and we are educators that teach cooking classes on the best foods that interact with our body's best so that we can benefit most from our CBD products. This is what separate Your CBD Store Southlake, we are the only ones who give you every tool to make incorporating CBD into your daily regiment good. We want you to feel empowered when you leave our store you feel confident about taking CBD.
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