To serve the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area, we have two lice treatment center salon locations. Both our Southlake and Frisco locations offer our exclusive two-pronged treatment that uses the nontoxic, all-natural killing agent The Lice Lifters® in conjunction with an intensive comb-out by our expert Lifticians. We’re so confident in our system, we guarantee our lice removal service.

More effective than pesticides
The problem with pesticides — other than the fact that it feels counterintuitive as a parent to shampoo your kids with them — is that many times, they simply don’t work. Lice have grown genetically resistant to the pesticides in many popular lice removal products, which means these over-the-counter products only work a maximum of 50 percent of the time, even when combined with nit combing. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine, November 1, 2012) We don’t think that’s good enough. That’s why we worked with chemists to develop an all-natural killing agent that blocks their airways and puts an end to live lice activity in 10 minutes or less.

More thorough than the average comb-out
Many mobile nitpickers and other head lice removal services pride themselves on how quickly they can complete each comb-out. But when you understand that just a few missed nits can start the lice cycle all over again, wouldn’t you rather work with a lice removal specialist who takes the time to do it right the first time? Every comb-out at our Lice Lifters treatment center is done with precision, professionalism, and lots and lots of patience. We’ve even developed a proprietary micro-grooved nit comb that’s better at removing nits than any other comb we’ve tried.

Lice don't rest, and neither do we! Call us today for a head check appointment!
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