Southlake's only recreational lacrosse program dedicated to girls. All players welcome in grades K-12.

The Mission of SGLA:

Develop female athletes for success in the competitive game of women’s lacrosse, and by extension, for success in life. Participation at each grade is geared to teach and ingrain the relevant skills, attitudes and actions that ultimately lead to success. Our success rests in creating and embracing the excitement, motivation, work ethic, accountability and teamwork that must come before games are played and championships won. Just like life after lacrosse.

Emphasize fun as a critical ingredient to success in women’s lacrosse. Kids play sports for fun, and a positive experience encourages the practice necessary for improvement. Importantly, the success and tenure of our coaches are a testament to the ability of SGLA to create a fun learning environment that brings girls back every year.

Build and sustain a unique, supportive, safe atmosphere that our players deserve. We expect that our coaches will motivate and encourage players, that our teammates will support and fight for each other, and that our processes will ensure physical safety on and off the playing field. We prize the fearless attempt, not the perfect outcome. At SGLA, it is safe to fail.

Offer players at every level the platform to pursue their individual lacrosse goals. We welcome all players to contribute to the team while recognizing that what is taken from any life experience reflects what was put into it. There is no shame in the fearless, relentless pursuit of success in lacrosse. Regardless of a player’s ultimate goal, SGLA is invested.

Respect the great game of women’s lacrosse by exemplifying effort, confidence and sportsmanship. There is quite possibly no better sport on earth for girls than lacrosse. We will respect this gift by encouraging our players to work hard, to be proud of their dedication and effort and thereby be proud of their team and community, always exhibiting sportsmanship to opponents and officials.
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