Southlake Country Club is a trademarked neighborhood brand. SLCC was created as a community specific social media networking platform to test and validate applications and social media marketing concepts developed by 1to1 Strategies of Southlake Texas. But it does have a twist....

SLCC Mission, Values, Residency Requirements, Country Club Dues:

1) Parody always.... as defined as a style of work that closely imitates a serious work for comic effect. Or ...more broadly....a humorous or satirical imitation.

2) Membership Requirements. SLCC is open to all Southlake residents with 76092 in their address.

3) SLCC annual dues are $10,000 per annum. Dues for 2012 are suspended. On January 1, 2013 the annual dues will be $10,000.

4) Sales of SLCC logoed personalized products with 20% of all retail sales donated to one of the following qualifying groups:

a) Southlake based non-profits and community organization.

b) A$200 campaign contribution to any and all Southlake Citizens of any political persuasion, sense of outrage, righteous indignation who is brave enough to file and run for Southlake City Council. However prior to receiving any donations the potential recipient must meet and validate these requirements.

I. Must have actually filed and completed the campaign.

II. Must pledge to run a totally positive campaign. A positive campaign is defined as not "going negative" about their opponent in any ads, public statements or official comments that would cause the SLCC community to talk for another year about how negative Southlake politics are and how anyone that runs for City Council is basically crazy. Or alternatively..."why would anyone in their right mind do that?" No late night signs. No stealing signs etc. No having your friends do any of the same.

III. The potential recipient must understand the basic concept that local Southlake politics and City council races should be directly concerned with LOCAL QUALITY OF LIFE SOUTHLAKE ISSUES. Republican, Democratic, Tea Party, Libertarian Party, Independent party...whatever party affiliation issues are really not what Southlake City Council races should be about

IV. The potential recipient should be aware that Carroll Avenue has always been the "spine" of Southlake. They should agree that it needs to be regarded as the signature entryway into Southlake Town Square and should have pedestrian cross walks in front of DPS and sidewalks. landscaping etc to accomodate and protect the safety of residential citizens who live across the increasing busy street.

V. Potential recipients should also endorse sideways, trails, walking paths and generally encourage walking for the gentrifying Southlake citizenry into and around Southlake Town Square, and Carrillon.

VI. to be determined on a whim. :) Its parody after all.
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