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Carroll Choir students advance, All-State contest

It's a noteworthy year for Carroll Choir in the Carroll ISD, where a record number of singers are preparing for the second round of the most intense singing competition of the school year. Saturday, 30 students will audition at the Region round of the TMEA All-State competition at Colleyville Heritage High School in Colleyville. Students who compete Saturday have already advanced past the District round for a place in the Region Choirs.

Saturday's competition consists of performing parts of four different classical pieces, including selections in foreign languages. The singers will not know which sections of the music they will perform until they arrive at the competition. 

For these competitors it's a long process that started in June, when they were given the music. Most students spend the summer mastering ten classical selections that are part of the competitions that carry on throughout fall and winter. Several thousand singers from across Texas compete for a few hundred spots in the prestigious All-State Choir, which is chosen early next year.

Carroll Choir is under the direction of Paul Doucet and Evan Ramos

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Congratulations to the following Carroll singers for advancing: Sarah Kate Breeding, Reilly Buckley, Miranda Campin, Emma Cave, Joy Choo, Rachel Connell, Michelle D'Amico, Caitlin Davidson, Devan DeLugo, Rachel Gitter, Braden Hall, Christian Hein, Lauren Hendricksen, Kinley Hicks, Bill Kahn, Ryan Kelson, Taylor Legan, Channing Lester, Katherine Loomis, Amber Meagher, Will Meagher, Daniel Morrison, Aubrey Parr, Sebastian Poorman, Abigail Thomas, Bella Tran, James Wade, Garrett Walsh, and Molly Warden.





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