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Beverly Pennington

Meet Beverly Pennington, the owner of Tees into Treasures in Grapevine, a business that turns a pile of old t-shirts into handcrafted, one-of-a-kind quilts and pillows. Pennington uses a network of quilters who dedicate hours of sewing time to make each custom item.

Seeing her business grow has been a dream come true for the former Realtor. Pennington left a successful career in real estate. She was the highest ranking Realtor in Florida for several years, but decided to pursue a creative business after her children were born. Pennington says there is nothing more fullfilling than seeing the delight on the face of each customer. We wanted to know more about Tees into Treasures and Pennington was kind enough to answer a few questions:  

Dawn Tongish: Please begin by telling us about Tees into Treasures and what customers can expect if they purchases your products. 

Beverly Pennington: T-shirt Memory Quilts made by Tees into Treasures are crafted in the United States by local quilting experts. Our network of quilters spend hours sewing each quilt and making it the unique treasure it will become. Our customers can definately expect to find quality, manufactured items.  

DT: Why did you decide to become a small business owner? Was it always your dream?  

BP: I worked in corporate America for years. I was the highest ranking Realtor in Florida for several years. In 2005, after my children were born, I stayed home to pursue my dream of a creative business. 

DT: What is the most difficult part about starting a small business?

BP: As a Mom, it is definitely hard to find the balance between work and home.  

DT: What has been the biggest reward in starting your own business?

BP: Doing what we love everyday, with people we love. 

DT: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about giving up corporate life and becoming their own boss? 

BP: When you are done thinking about it, follow your gut, and don't look back!

DT: For a young college grad who might be on the entrepreneurial track, what can they do to prepare to be a business owner?  

BP: Find a mentor, and learn as much as you can about your industry. Be very hands on. 

DT: What is your most memorable moment so far as a small business owner?

BP: When i see the look on our customers faces. When they truly love what I have done for them, it is the best feeling. 

DT: What is your definition of success in the small business world?

BP: Doing what you love for others, helping the community, and being happy!

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