The Center is a place where excellent results start with an extraordinary doctor-patient relationship. The Center is progressive, professional, frequently playful and focused on producing profound change, not just symptomatic relief.

Our unique approach to healing has developed over twenty years in Osteopathic Medical practice. Dr. Mahoney founded the Center and is board certified in family medicine and Osteopathic treatment. By combining cutting-edge medical technology and ancient healing methods from around the world we provide an initial consultation that may take as much as two hours to customize your healing program. We're committed to personalized education, encouragement, investigation and treatment. Hope and healing naturally develop from healthy, nurturing relationships. Our ultimate goal is to restore health so that our patients fully experience the joy of living.

At The Center for Hope and Healing, we are leading a wellness revolution that advances a new model of health care for our society, a model that respects the patient and puts them in charge of their health and vitality. Our vision is empowering the world to be well.
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