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Expedite Your Texas Divorce This Year - Meet the 2023 Deadline 

Are you looking to expedite Texas divorce proceedings to get divorced by the end of 2023? This article provides valuable insights and tips to help you meet the 2023 divorce deadline and put your divorce on the fast track. We'll explore actions clients can take to ensure a swift and efficient divorce process in the Lone Star State. The filing of the divorce petition formally commences the divorce process. The Texas Family Code prescribes that the divorce may not be granted before the 60th day after the date the divorce was filed. If you want to be divorced before the end of 2023, it's important to act now and get a petition on file 60 days before the year's end. 

Finalizing a divorce before the end of the calendar year offers several financial advantages. It allows you to file taxes as a single person for the entire year, simplifies your filing status, and may enable the deduction of alimony payments if your divorce was completed before December 31, 2023. Additionally, it can influence the tax consequences of property division and provide a sense of financial independence and closure as you start a new year. Consulting with legal and financial professionals is crucial to understand how these benefits apply to your circumstances.

Early Preparation is Key

Start preparing for your divorce as early as possible. Gather all necessary documents, such as financial records, property documents, and other relevant paperwork. Being organized from the outset will save you time and reduce potential delays. 

Choose the Right Attorney

Selecting the right divorce attorney is crucial. Look for an attorney specializing in Texas family law and with experience expediting divorce proceedings. They can guide you through the process and make it as smooth as possible. Experienced family law attorneys are accustomed to high-pressure divorce situations when things need to happen within deadlines. 

No-Fault Divorce

Consider opting for a no-fault divorce, often quicker than a fault-based divorce. In a no-fault divorce, you don't need to prove that your spouse did something wrong to cause the divorce. Meanwhile, there are reasons that a fault ground for divorce can be alleged in your initial petition, and amore significant share of the marital assets can be sought in connection with the fault-based grounds. 

Mediation or Collaboration

Is a Collaborative Divorce the Right Option for You?

Explore mediation or collaborative divorce processes. These alternative dispute resolution methods can expedite the divorce process, as they promote cooperation and reduce the need for lengthy court battles. Mediation, done correctly, focuses on determining the highly contested issues so that the other matters in which the parties can reach an agreement do not hold up the process. So, getting most of the property and financial issues disposed of in mediation saves the Court time for the challenging issues. 

Create a Clear Marital Settlement Agreement

Work with your attorney to draft a comprehensive marital settlement agreement. This document outlines how you'll divide property, handle child custody, and manage other aspects of the divorce. Having a clear agreement can prevent disputes and delays. In Texas, you can also divorce with a Mediated Settlement Agreement

A Mediated Settlement Agreement in Texas is a legally binding contract that results from a mediated negotiation process between parties in a legal dispute, typically used in family law cases. It outlines the terms and resolutions agreed upon by the parties, often related to issues like child custody, visitation, property division, and spousal support. It is submitted to the court for approval to become part of the final court order, helping to resolve the legal dispute without a trial.

Communication is Key

Communication Tips for Divorce—Even If Communication Failed in Marriage

Maintain open and transparent communication with your spouse throughout the process. If you agree on the divorce terms, it can proceed more quickly. Frequent and effective communication is vital to achieving this. Remember, at any point in the process, the opposing party can derail all your best efforts, and you could miss your end-of-year divorce final deadline. If this happens and is not done in good faith, there are options to seek compensation from the other party. 

Expedited Filing

File your divorce petition promptly. In Texas, the 2023deadline necessitates swift action. Ensure all required documents are accurate and complete so there are no delays due to errors or missing information. Having done all your homework in advance, you ideally have given your divorce attorney the necessary information so they can prepare the proper divorce petition. 

Temporary Orders

Consider seeking temporary orders for issues like child custody and spousal support. These orders can provide stability during divorce and prevent disputes from dragging out the proceedings. In Texas, the temporary orders hearing determines who will live where and who will pay for what during the divorce process. In many cases, the terms of the temporary orders carryover into the final divorce order and judgment. Getting things done right at the temporary orders hearing is essential and not to be taken lightly. 

Attend All Required Court Dates

Make sure you attend all court hearings and meetings related to your divorce. Missing these appointments can lead to delays and setbacks in the process. To ensure there are no missed court dates, your divorce attorney and staff must work diligently to ensure everyone has the information they need to prepare for and appear in court at all required Court dates. Good communication among attorneys is vital, especially when the opposing counsel may have a busy Court calendar. 

Child Custody and Support

Divorcing with Children 102: Child Custody

Child custody and support can be complex, but an agreement with your spouse can expedite the process. Consider working with a mediator to resolve these issues amicably. If you can avoid a custody battle, you may find yourselves ahead of the game in co-parenting. Determining child custody and living situation sets the tone for the future. Although your children should not be directly involved, they may still notice that their parents are getting along well or are prepared for battle at every moment. 

Financial Disclosures

Both parties must provide complete financial disclosures. Failing to do so can lead to delays and legal consequences. Ensure all financial records are complete and accurate. Your divorce lawyer cannot get you what you want and need if they don't have the whole financial picture. Now, remember that not everyone has access to all the financial information, which is what the discovery process is for, and discovery can be done expeditiously.

Divorce Education Programs

In Texas, completing a divorce education program is mandatory in some cases. Ensure you meet this requirement promptly to avoid delays. There are various divorce education program options, and your attorneys can help find one that makes sense and works with your deadlines. 

Finalize the Divorce Decree

Work closely with your attorney to finalize the divorce decree, which contains the court's orders regarding your divorce. Once it's ready, file it promptly to complete the process. 

Seek Professional Guidance

5 Benefits of Working With a Divorce Coach

Consider seeking the assistance of a divorce coach or therapist to help you navigate divorce's emotional and psychological aspects. This can help you stay focused and expedite the process. So much of the unraveling of a family is stressful and can make it hard for good people to make simple decisions. Nobody wants to get it wrong when their family is on the line. The right people helping in the process make it better for everyone. 

Meeting the 2023 divorce deadline in Texas requires careful planning, efficient communication, and a strategic approach. Choosing the right attorney and following these tips can expedite your divorce, ensuring you meet the deadline and move forward with your life.

By following these guidelines, you can streamline the divorce process, minimize complications, and ensure you meet the 2023 deadline in Texas. Early preparation, clear communication, and cooperation are key to putting your divorce on the fast track.

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