Water restrictions are going into effect in Dallas and throughout the region. Cities are asking residents not to water between certain times, and they’re also limited in how frequently they can water their property. You want your yard to look great, but you also don’t want to risk heavy fines for going against the restrictions. Fortunately, Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting is here to help you navigate the Southlake water restrictions and keep your yard looking great at the same time.

The Nature of the Restrictions

The restrictions for watering vary from one district to the next. Some are only in place until the end of the month, and others have no set end-date in place. Here are just some of the restrictions that are being put in place throughout the area.

  • No watering during daytime hours
  • Sprinkler and irrigation use limited to once every two weeks
  • Odd addresses allowed to water on some days, even addresses on the alternate days
  • Sprinkler usage restricted to one day a week
  • Watering allowed only on trash days

The Simple Solution

The easiest way to work around any of these restrictions is to install an irrigation system with a timer. Proper lawn care requires watering your grass on a regular basis, and even watering every other week is better than completely ignoring the turf. We can install a carefully planned system that will water your grass without wasting water on your driveway or deck, and we’ll add a programmable timer. With this timer and our knowledge of city restrictions, we can program the system to run at an approved time and date. You won’t have to worry about breaking the law, but your grass will still get the nourishment it needs to stay health.

Maintenance for a Lifetime

Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting knows that you take pride in your home and property. That’s why we offer a full range of landscaping services, including fully automated sprinkler systems. With our sprinkler systems, you’ll never have to drag out the hose again, and you can rest easy knowing that your in compliance with your city’s new regulations.