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From L to R: Officer Terry Carpenter, Officer Erica Smetters, and Officer Robert Briggs. Photo Courtesy of the Southlake Police Department.

Three new recruits have joined the Southlake Police Department.

Officers Robert Briggs, Erica Smetters and Terry Carpenter recently completed the 18-week training course at the Basic Police Officers Academy class. The trio was part of the 146th Academy Class which graduated on November 10th. 

Two of the new officers were recognized for their accomplishments during their training. Recruit Officer Briggs was named the "Top Shooter" in the class while Recruit Officer Carpenter was recognized as the "Most Physically Fit." Briggs was also selected as "Distinguished Recruit," by his class peers for being the officer they would most want to work alongside.

For more information about the City of Southlake Police Department, click here.

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