The succulent smell of turkey baking in the oven. The warm pumpkin pie aroma wafting throughout the house. Buttery mashed potatoes simmering on the stove. The smells of Thanksgiving have us salivating as we watch the Macy's Parade and welcome our relatives into our homes. You can't wait to sit down and dive into those delectable dishes that you've craved all year.

Now, just imagine your dog. Fido has to sniff all that yummy goodness too, but probably has little hope of getting his paws on some of that good old human food. 

Three Dog Bakery has a Turkey Day treat that will get you nothing but wags! The dog bakery is offering the "Beast Feast" this holiday season. Dogs will go barking mad for the "Sweet Potato Chew Yappetizer," the main course of "German Shepherd Pie stuffed with Entree for Dogs and topped with whipped potatoes and a chicken demi-glaze," and a "Pup'kin Pie" for dessert. Sounds like a a muzzle-lickin' meal!

The "Beast Feast" is only $17.99. Call Three Dog Bakery at 817-310-3DOG for more info.