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Global Strengths Students Team Up Students in new Clariden School Program work together to solve real life problems.

The Global Strengths Program, a 21st century middle and high school program at the Clariden School of Southlake, is getting national attention as Head of School and international bestselling author, Jenifer Fox, is invited to keynote conferences throughout the country, explaining how the new program is aimed at intelligent students who are disengaged with school.

"I always dreamed of a school where kids actually wanted to go to school. This is it. The students are the first to tell you they love learning here," Fox reported after a little over a month since the new program opened its doors.

So far, the college bound students have learned to program robots with a moving arm that can pick up objects, learned and documented steps in the engineering design process, mastered and applied Photoshop, Joomla and Prezi to create their own websites and presentations and are entering a challenge to solve a global food consumption problem. Their motto is, "Do it and do it better than anything out there." 

"Teens today need to be actively involved in applied learning that means something to them. This is the Yes Generation. They like solving the real problems of the world." 

Ms. Fox, who is in her second year at the helm of the school, created the upper school program based on her work with differentiated instruction and developing children's strengths. Her book Your Child's Strengths is sold internationally and recently won two Mom's Choice Awards. Fox will be speaking throughout the year at national educational conferences.

The school is currently accepting motivated students who are ready to commit to their own futures.