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Almost a full week has passed since Leon Reyes left the comfort of his home in Southlake and ventured to live on the streets of downtown Dallas. For 30 days, the Southlake youth pastor plans to experience homelessness, achieve an identification card, gain employment and find a permanent residence.

Reyes’ monthlong challenge has already inspired acts of kindness – one of which happened as recently as today.

Reyes’ wife, Lauren, and several others gathered at a Starbucks in Southlake to collect donations for the homeless in Dallas. The “Have You Seen Leon?” crew collected new and used blankets, coats, gloves and hats to give to the less fortunate.

“While our involvement was inspired by Leon’s challenge, the idea was created by a former youth group student who is now at the University of North Texas,” said Mrs. Reyes. “We are trying to use the voice we’ve been given to help her cause out.”

The “Have You Seen Leon?” group’s voice is already reaching more than 560 followers on Facebook. Mrs. Reyes is also keeping followers updated on Twitter and with her family’s blog.

Last night, Mrs. Reyes tweeted that she had to see her husband and later blogged about the experience.

“I was having a hard time, but he put it all into perspective,” said Mrs. Reyes. “It felt like he had been gone for forever.”

One of the things that surprised Lauren Reyes most about her rendezvous with her husband was how nice he smelled. 

“Leon is learning all kinds of ways to make himself look presentable,” said Mrs. Reyes. “He said that he should be able to have a shower once a week.” 

Mrs. Reyes said her family is doing all-right, but she and their son, Micah, both miss Leon very much.

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