House of Shine Receives Certification Award

The Center for Nonprofit Management's program, CNM Certified, named House of Shine as the first of two organizations to receive this distinction.  

Being recognized as CNM Certified means House of Shine is using a valid methodology for collecting, analyzing and reporting results; making data-driven decisions; improving program performance; and engaging stakeholders in a meaningful way.

This program was launched in part because funders told CNM they wanted to see the nonprofits organizations they are investing their dollars in to show that their programs are, in fact, making a positive impact.  CNM Certified is currently available only to CNM-pact clients who have been using their online portal for at least 3 months. 

House of Shine is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to unearth and harness people's talents and gifts for the greater good of their communities.  We host workshops for women and children focusing on self awareness and strengths and write and deliver curriculum for schools K-12.  For more information about House of Shine, please contact Colleen Monroe at