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The process for pursuing a post-secondary fine arts degree is arduous. Students looking to move on to collegiate studies in these disciplines go through a 2-step process.  They must be accepted into both their university and go through a portfolio, interview or audition process to be accepted to their chosen fine arts program. For these students, this means months of creating, auditioning, recording, and applying. In many cases, the acceptance rate to these highly competitive programs range between 1% - 10% nationally.

For prospective art, design, or photography students, this process can include a persuasive cover, resume, and portfolio displaying a variety of media and techniques used in their art.

For prospective music students, this can include a repertoire list discussing the music studies and roles performed, recommendations, recordings of original work or performances and finally live auditions playing memorized music and sight-reading.

For prospective theater, musical theatre, or dance students, this process can be very similar to that of music students but may actually include applying to multiple departments. Theater students may be required to provide resumes, videos, and audition in person, performing songs to show off their vocal range and performing both classical and contemporary monologues. 

This year we will be honoring Carroll Senior High School students who have cleared these hurdles and have successfully been admitted into a fine arts program.

Please join us as we honor and celebrate this select group of students on


Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Carroll Senior High School
Student Activity Center

Ceremony Begins at 7:15 am

A reception including teachers, mentors, friends, and family will be held immediately following the signing ceremony in the SAC located at Carroll Senior High School.

If you feel that your student meets the criteria, have not yet been invited by CSHS faculty, and would like to be included please contact Terri Zelasko as soon as possible but no later than Monday, April 22nd for more information. 

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