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January is Divorce Month

New Year, New Beginnings: January is Divorce Month

“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.” – Germany Kent, one of the many New Year, New Beginnings quotes we can frame on a wall or put on a coffee cup. And while it may sound cliché, when we clear our minds and focus on the meaning of these inspirational quotes and how they can apply to us, we should feel empowered. The biggest obstacle to self-improvement is oneself and one’s fear of change. It is easier to tell ourselves we cannot do something than it is to tell ourselves we can do everything. It is like we are programmed for humility and staying in our place, but when we break through and have zero fear or insecurities, we can surprise ourselves. 

Southlake divorce and family law attorney, Leslie Barrows, is often asked when and how it’s the best time and plan to get a divorce started. The answers are easier for some but for others, something happened that makes the matters urgent, and they need an aggressive attorney and advocate for their family. 

Southlake divorce cases filed in January outpace the busiest and hardest working court clerks because there are so many divorce and parentage cases filed in January. Why is January such a popular month for divorce? Were the holidays a significant factor in deciding to file? As many factors are weighing in one’s decision to file, there are good reasons January is a great time to get things going. 

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The Holidays Affect the Decision to Proceed with a Divorce in January

Christmas and New Year are the tests of patience for many folks in bad marriages, who need to file for divorce. The holidays and all the culture and events that come with them put people in good moods and they give us greater hope for the goodness in people until they don’t.  

Talking to people and asking how their holidays were can be interesting when you know people in bad situations, and there are common stories people tell about why they are just done, and it’s time to get a divorce. Contrary to popular opinion, most people do try to fix broken relationships and get advice on how to work on saving a marriage. But sometimes all that effort just cannot repair something that is broken beyond the salvation point. 

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Back to School After Winter Break Gives Parents Time to Work on Divorce 

January is a good time to get to work on divorce because there is not as much less on the calendar than in other busier months. When Southlake kids go back to school, they are in fewer sports and activities than during the warmer months, and there are usually no big trips planned until Spring, so there are fewer distractions in January, making it easier to keep your mind focused on getting financial documents ready for your lawyers and working on discovery responses, and getting ready for your temporary orders hearing.  

Before filing for divorce, a parent should think about their kids and school schedules. Know that changing where the kids are going to be and with which parent can be frustrating. If there is going to be an adjustment period, it might as well be something to get over with during the slower winter months. 

The New Year is About New Beginnings Focusing on Work and Business Income 

“I am doing what I want, and you can’t stop me,” some can say when it comes to making work and business decisions when they are in the driver's seat. Be mindful of any temporary orders and standing orders that affect work decisions, but otherwise take that opportunity and know that only you can write the next chapters in your life. 

Indeed is a great place to jump-start your career and January is a great time to fill out your Indeed profile and adjust your settings to be open to receiving exciting career opportunities! 

Controlling spouses often end up in a divorce case when the bullied spouse simply cannot take it anymore and they see an exit ramp from the marriage. It is common to hear a spouse talk about not being able to take advantage of opportunities because it disagreed with what their spouse wanted them to do, often including spending more time focused on family and the home. Then, when they file for divorce, people find their freedom and love being able to be their best.  

Getting a Divorce Moving Before Spring Break is a Great Reason to File in January 2023

Spring Break is a great motivator and you can use it as a goal to get through the busy part of starting a divorce and getting your ducks in a row. Not long after your divorce case is filed, your family lawyers can get a Temporary Orders Hearing on the Court’s calendar, which determines who goes where and who pays for what during the divorce. In many cases and when kids are younger, the standard custody and visitation orders work just fine and they set in place where the kids go during holidays and spring break. 

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The advantage of filing for divorce in January is being able to get in front of a judge for the Temporary Orders before Spring Break and Easter, so there is less to argue about, with an order in place that gives everyone a sense of certainty in an uncertain time of life. 

Outdated Possession Schedules Failed Over Christmas and New Year's 

A modification case or enforcement action is necessary when the current orders are not working anymore. Remember, co-parents, are not usually mandated to stick to the possession schedules and can trade time back and forth as they can agree. But, when being nice, sometimes the other abuses that grace and it is necessary to stick to the Court Ordered arrangements. And when those don’t work anymore it is time to get new orders or get the Court to help by enforcement of the existing orders. 

Holiday schedules and busy family plans can test whether your current situation is still working when it comes to co-parenting and holiday custody and visitation issues. You know when it is time to make a change and what rises to the level of taking action in Court and through agreements. 

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