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BubbleLife Neighborhood Search

New feature allows readers to find news, topics by community

BubbleLife Media launched a new reader service today called Neighborhood Search on its network of neighborhood news websites that allows readers to find relevant news and topics by community.

The new Neighborhood Search feature relies on a hyperlocalized database that brings readers pertinent information within their own communities—a new feature offered only by BubbleLife, the largest provider of neighborhood news in North Texas.

The hyperlocal database relies on algorithms developed to return more relevant search results that are focused on communities.  That means readers using the new Neighborhood Search feature will be able to find information and answers more specific to their area.

“It’s like searching for vitamins in the grocery store versus the health food store,” said Saffie Farris, publisher of BubbleLife Media.  “You would have a much better and informed selection to choose from at the health food store.”

The Neighborhood Search feature allows readers to search by community and category of news interest.  Relevance, titles, phrases, words, synonyms and other components of the stories on BubbleLife’s sites factor into how search results are returned and ranked.

In addition to the launch of the new Neighborhood Search tool, BubbleLife has also launched a new reader feature that displays related stories at the bottom of news and feature story pages.  The new “Related Posts” feature allows readers to expand their knowledge on a topic they have expressed interest in.

“We’ll continue updating databases and creating more algorithms as we go,” said Farris.  “Our search engine is only going to get better.”