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Carroll Theater Young Frankenstein Bratton Photogr

Opening Thursday October 29, 2015

1.     It’s funny! 

“I think the audiences will love the humor in this show because it is all very clever and just really funny. A lot of people are very familiar with the movie and know certain lines from the show and go in with an expectation of what it should be like, and I think they will enjoy how we have tried to keep it how everyone envisions it, while still adding our own take on the characters.”  -  Junior Sarah Johnson plays the role of Elizabeth.

2.     It’s fresh!

“The cast has captured the essence of the original Mel Brooks movie! The roles push us out of our boxes – in a good way – and challenge us every day.”  -- Senior Drew Brown, a Dallas Summer Musicals Awards Best Actor nominee for his role as Tarzan plays the role of Dr. Frankenstein. Drew plans on pursuing a degree in Performing Arts.

3.     There are monsters!

This close to Halloween who doesn’t want monsters?  Not only will you find Dr. Frankenstein’s monster in the Young Frankenstein production but those adventurous enough to come out early can also take part in the CMS Haunted Movie Studio Haunted House.  Tickets sold separately at

4.     They’re already pros!

CSHS’ award-winning productions never disappoint.
“I think audiences will be excited by the special effects as well as the acting.  The technicians have made this an incredible spectacle and as actors we’ve worked hard to stay true to the essence of the characters.” Junior Hannah Hamel plays the every-loving Frau Blucher.

5. Friday Night Lights! 

With the Varsity football game moved to Thursday night where else can you get music, dancing, and hard-hits on Friday night?  So, it’s hard-hits of comedy but who doesn’t need a good laugh?

 - Want a sneak peek?  Check out the student produced promo video:

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Presented by Engel & Völker/Roxanne Taylor, The Carroll Theater Department production of Young Frankenstein runs:

October 29 – November 1st

  • Thursday, October 29 – 7:30 pm
  • Friday, October 30 – 7:30 pm
  • Saturday, October 31 -  2 pm & 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, November 1 - 2 pm & 7:30 pm

Carroll Senior High School
(1501 W. Southlake Blvd. Southlake, TX)
Tickets are available at


Young Frankenstein Cast

Herald: Ben Singel

Ziggy: Jack Tucker

Inspector Kemp:  Jake Nelson

Frederick Frankenstein: Drew Brown

Mr. Hilltop: Colton Walker

Telegraph Boy: Katie Cross

Elizabeth:  Sarah Johnson 

Inga:  Allie Alexander

Shoeshine Man:  Shawn Carter

Igor:   Tyler Jones

Frau Blucher:   Hannah Hamel

Victor:  Gareth Forsberg

The Monster:  Christian Mason

Hermit:  Ben Singel

Count Dracula:  Colton Walker

Featured Villagers: Anna Chase Lanier, Diego Orozco, Sidney Weill, Allie Harris, Mitchell Groff 

Featured Students:  Anna Chase Lanier, Cameron Waltz, Julia Whitaker                          

Featured Travelers:  Charlotte Lanier, Gareth Forsberg, Jessica Owston

Featured Scientists:  Jessica Owston, Sarah Nelson, Cameron Waltz

Featured Entourage:  Anna Chase Lanier, Jessica Owston, Meredith Sutherland, Meagan Bramlage, Diego Orozco

Specialty Tap: Meagan Bramlage, Peyton Fleming, Gareth Forsberg. Anna Chase Lanier, Meredith Sutherland , Charlotte Lanier

Dance Ensemble: Julia Bramlage, Meagan Bramlage, Peyton Fleming, Gareth Forsberg, Caroline Garcia, Rachel Gitter, Anna Chase Lanier, Charlotte Lanier, Diego Orozco, Natalie Owens, Jessica Owston, Meredith Sutherland

Ensemble: Julia Bramlage, Meagan Bramlage, Parish Brandt, Shawn Carter, Allie Coates, Colton Walker, Rachel Connell, Katie Cross, William Ferner, Peyton Fleming, Gareth Forsberg (u/s Monster), Victoria Frazier, Caroline Garcia, Rachel Gitter, Emory Grayson, Mitchell Groff, Rylee Hach, Coleman Hahn (u/s Hermit), Allie Harris, Victoria Hill, Anna Chase Lanier (u/s Elizabeth), Charlotte Lanier, Kiara Madar, Kate Marshall, Christina Melocik, Jessica Melocik, Sarah Nelson, Diego Orozco, Natalie Owens, Jessica Owston, Matti Pennington, Ben Singel (u/s Igor and Fredrick), Meredith Sutherland (u/s Inga), Pierson Van den Dyssel, Colton Walker, Riley Walker, Cameron Waltz, Madalyn Wardin, Sydney Weill, Julia Whitaker (u/s Frau)