Terri Zelasko – Guest Contributor
Sep 18 2016
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It hasn’t come to that yet but URINETOWN – The Musical will give you something to think about. 
But mostly, it will make you laugh. So, Why Do I Want To See Something Called Urinetown?

Since the show was announced, that seems to be the question at the top of everyone’s mind. So, here’s the answer to that and other FAQs about CSHS’s fall musical.

1.  How do you pronounce that title?

Yes, it’s “your-in” as in the reason for bathrooms but there’s NO POTTY HUMOR in the play. It’s funny but it’s a satire, so it’s smart humor. We promise you’ll laugh.

2.  Seriously? OK, What is it about?

In the midst of a 20 year drought, boy meets girl, who happens to be the big bad wealthy town boss’ daughter, they fall in love, lead revolution against evil oppressors and…well we can’t give away the entire show.  Suffice it to say that there’s good, bad, love, misunderstanding, secrets, and a lot of singing and dancing.

 3.  How bad is the potty humor?

That’s the best part! The play is so well-written that it doesn’t resort to that!

4.   But I won’t know any of the music. 

Urinetown is best at poking fun - at itself and at other musicals.  In fact, you won’t have to look hard to recognize the influence of traditional classics like, West Side Story, A Christmas Carol, Les Miserables, and Fiddler on the Roof (to name a few). It's good. It won 3 Tony Awards.

 5.  Can I bring the kids?

There’s plenty of singing and dancing.  A lot depends on what you believe will hold their attention. The humor is smart – it’s a satire. Middle-school and high-school-aged students will absolutely love it. Astute intermediate-school-aged students or those who appreciate theater should as well!

 6.  Where do I get tickets?

For the best seats available and to pay with Credit Card go to You can pick your own seats!  Tickets will be available on show nights, BUT CASH ONLY at the door.

To quote Shakespeare, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell so sweet.”   Even if it’s called Urinetown!


Show Dates

Thursday, September 22              7:30 pm

Friday, September 23                   7:30 pm

Saturday, September 24              7:30 pm

Sunday, September 25                2:00 pm

Cash only at the door on show nights.