Terri Zelasko – Guest Contributor
Nov 1 2016
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That’s certainly the underlying question in Sylvia, on stage at the Black Box Theatre at Carroll Senior High School Wednesday, November 2 through Friday, November 4.  The love triangle between a man (Greg), his wife (Kate), and their newly adopted dog (Sylvia) is hilarious, touching, and complicated. 

It’s a fresh twist on an old cliché, “middle-aged man takes up with a younger women” but Sylvia, played by Junior Miranda Campin, is no ordinary mistress.  “Kate is definitely confused about Greg's strange obsession with the dog,” states Senior Hannah Hamel who plays Kate. “Greg rescued her from the park, she sees him as her "knight in shining armor,” notes Campin.  “As Greg, I love both my wife and my dog, but in very different ways. My wife is constant, almost like your favorite watch, a great watch but after a while you just take for granted it'll be there,” says Senior Brennan Confer. Ouch!  And so the fun begins… 

Sylvia is presented “in the round” in Carroll’s intimate Black Box Theatre where audiences will be treated to a very personal performance. “Working in the round is very different. At any moment you're within arm’s reach of an audience member,” states Confer. 

It’s that intimacy coupled with an ingenious script and the incredible talent of the CSHS cast that makes Sylvia a profoundly endearing and entertaining performance not to be missed.

Wednesday, Nov 2nd through Friday, Nov 4th


Black Box Theatre at CSHS

Tickets are available ONLINE and at the door (cash only at the door).

Tickets: $10

Ticket and seating chart available at: