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Juggling school, work and extracurricular obligations is a full-time job for every family, and there’s no room for a nuisance like head lice in that busy schedule. That’s why Lice Lifters Treatment Centers have introduced a brand new method of eradicating lice faster than ever before: mobile lice treatment.

Lice Lifters Treatment Centers will now send expert lice removal technicians to your home to begin the removal process. Just like when you visit one of their on-site treatment centers, the technicians will begin by confirming the presence of lice and nits. If lice are present, they will proceed with their thorough comb-out and the use of their all-natural, non-toxic lice killing agent. As always, they guarantee that the treatment will send the little pests away once and for all.

Every mobile service removal visit comes with a 30-day guarantee as long as every family member living in the house is examined during the appointment. One mobile Lice Lifters treatment appointment will cost at least $150, plus a convenience fee to cover the technician’s transportation. For one quick treatment that’s guaranteed to be effective, it’s a small price to pay to eradicate your family’s lice problem for good.

Although the mobile lice treatment appointments are just as professional and effective as the treatment in the Lice Lifters centers, you are more than welcome to come in for an emergency lice removal appointment at either the Southlake or Frisco center. A Lice Lifters Treatment Centers technician will make sure the job is done correctly the first time, regardless of the location.

To learn more about Lice Lifters Treatment Centers or their new mobile services, call 817-677-1024 (Southlake location) or 972-805-1308 (Frisco location). Their representatives will be more than happy to speak to you about their treatment process and pricing options. You can also visit

One Quick Treatment. Done! Guaranteed.


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