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Everyone knows the basics when it comes to preventing the spread of lice: don’t share hair brushes, conduct head checks regularly, and watch for the early warning signs of an infestation (tickling feelings, sores from scratching, and red bumps). However, lice spread through several different methods, some of which you might not be familiar with.

Millions of children between the ages of 3 and 11 come home with lice on their heads each year, so it pays to teach them what not to do at school to reduce their chances of exposure. Here are some of the lesser-known methods in which head lice can invade your child’s hair and make their way into your home.

1. Long Hair

Little girls and boys with long hair are often at a higher risk of exposure to lice simply because it more frequently comes in contact with other people and objects. If you know there’s a lice outbreak occurring at school, be sure to tightly tie back your child’s hair so that it’s less likely to come in contact with the annoying pests.

2. Selfies and Cellphones

Pretty much every child in middle school, and even a majority in elementary school, has a phone of their own, and you know what that means: silly pictures and lots of leaning in to peer at a small screen. The more your child’s head is coming in contact with others around them, the higher the possibility of a lice infestation becomes. If lice have been spotted in your kid’s school, encourage them to forgo selfies for the time being.

3. Shared Hats or Helmets

Whether your children like to play dress up in the classroom, swap hats with each other just for fun, or share helmets at sports practice, dissuade them from doing so when there’s a lice infestation present. Hats provide the perfect form of transportation for lice since they can crawl from head to head, so it’s best to avoid them all together if possible.

4. Lockers

If your child is sharing a locker with other students while at school, think about what that might mean: lots of coats and hats stuffed in the same location every day. This provides an easy opportunity for lice to crawl from one child’s clothing to the other. If you’re really concerned during a period of lice infestation, ask the school if it would be possible for children to somehow have single lockers or another method of storing their items.

5. Naptime

Small children often have naptime at school, which can be a problem when it comes to the spread of lice. Shared pillows, blankets, and even cots can contribute to an already present infestation. If you can, send your children to school with their own pillow that’s only for their use. Lice can live for about 24 hours on a surface without a host, which means a pillow that was used by a lice-infested head can still mean danger the next day. Sharing isn’t always caring when it comes to the spread of lice.

Even if you teach your child how to best avoid contact with lice at school, there’s always the possibility that they’ll still come home with the little pests nestling in their hair. In that case, it’s time to take action and call in professional help. There are two Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, one in Frisco and one in Southlake, which offer emergency lice removal appointments for both children and adults. Mention BubbleLife and you’ll even receive 50% off a head check!

Both Lice Lifters Treatment Centers locations utilize a natural killing agent that can destroy any and all lice activity without exposing your kids’ tender heads to harmful toxins or pesticides. The pros can also help prevent nits from coming back over and over again, which saves you a substantial amount of time and money. Sure, you can try at-home treatments to remove lice, but chances are they won’t be nearly as effective or painless as the methods used at Lice Lifters Treatment Centers.

In the event of a lice infestation at school, Lice Lifters Treatment Centers can train staff members to perform head checks in the classroom. Lice Lifters employees will even travel to the school to assist with the head checks upon request. For more information on getting Lice Lifters Treatment Centers involved at your child’s school, email

To schedule an appointment, contact the centers at 817-677-1024 (Southlake location) or 972-805-1308 (Frisco location). You can also learn more about the company at


Article sponsored by Lice Lifters Treatment Centers

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