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Kaylie Cox, Laurel Hook, Abigail McIlvain , Jenna Holland, Tatum Foreman, Katherine McElaney, Alexa Karmis, Lydia Lo

Friday Night Lights:  

Girls Elite Varsity A Places 1st

Boys Elite Varsity A and B Teams Place 2nd; Girls Elite Varsity B Team Place 2nd 


Greenhill Six-Mile Relay:

Medal Finishes: Varsity Boys (3rd);  JV Boys-B (2nd)

JV Girls-B (1st)


The Woodlands, Texas (August 23rd) and Dallas, Texas (August 24th) – The Dragon Boys Teams have  two 2nd place finishes at the Woodlands, and two medal finishes at the Greenhill Relay.  The Girls Teams have 1st and 2nd place finishes at the Woodlands, and a 1st place finish at the Greenhill Relay.   

Friday Night Lights (Woodlands) – Elite Varsity 

The Carroll Boys Elite Varsity A team took 2nd  place on a rain-soaked, muddy Woodlands course with  Nate Lannen leading the team followed by Matthew Sims, Tim McElaney, Chase Fisher, Lucas LeVant,  Antonio Florcruz, and Steven Torres rounding out the top 7 for the team. The Boys Elite Varsity B team, also racing the 4000-meter course, finished 2nd as well with  Chris Tracht leading the team, followed by Kieran Beirne, Matt Hetrick, Brian McCarthy, and Logan Schaunaman rounding out the team.  


The Girls Elite Varsity A team took 1st place with Jenna Holland leading the team followed by Katherine McElaney, Kaylie Cox, Abigail McIivain, Tatum Foreman, Lydia Lo, and Alexis Karmis rounding out the top seven for the team in their 2-mile race.  The Girls Elite Varsity B team, also racing a 2-mile course, placed 2nd and was led by Natalie Ng, followed by Kristen Mader, Erin Fritz, Kaitlyn Midkiff, and Misa Tesoriero rounding out their team.   

Green Hill Relay (Dallas) – Varsity & JV

 Southlake Carroll had  multiple teams competing in both the Varsity and JV divisions at the Greenhill 6 Mile Relay.  Three of the Dragon teams medalled and multiple teams finished in the top 10.

 Head Cross Country Coach Justin Leonard commented, “We are proud of how our  kids competed this weekend at both meets. It was nice to finally run against some other schools and unfamiliar competition.  It’s been a long summer and we are just excited to get the season started. We are looking forward to see what this year holds for our Dragons.” 


--Selected results for all races follow --

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS  – Boys Results (4000-meters)

Varsity A:

3rd  - Nate Lannen 12:34

13th - Matthew Sims 13:11

17th - Tim McElaney 13:18

19th - Chase Fisher 13:21

24th - Lucas LeVant 13:25

26th - Antonio Florcruz 13:25

27th - Steven Torres 13:26


Varsity B:

2nd - Chris Tracht 13:24

7th - Kieran Beirne 13:37

8th - Matt Hetrick 13:40

14th - Brian McCarthy 13:52

17th - Logan Schaunaman 13:59


FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS  – Girls Results (2-mile)

Varsity A :

6th - Jenna Holland 12:02

7th - Katherine McElaney 12:04

12th - Kaylie Cox 12:10

18th - Abigail McIlvain 12:22

19th - Tatum Foreman 12:25

23rd - Lydia Lo 12:32

27th - Alexa Karmis 12:36


Varsity B:

4th - Natalie Ng 12:53

12th - Kristin Mader 13:24

16th - Erin Fritz 13:29

22nd - Caitlyn Midkiff 13:37

70th - Mia Teseriero 14:21



Boys 6A-5A

3rd - 30.50 - Alexander, Chavez, Aydon, Lind


Boys JV-A

4th - 32.55 - Fisher, Litwin, Upadhyay, Canter

6th - 33.16 - Oberholzer, Pino, Castro, Keiser


Boys JV-B

2nd - 34.02 - Stevenson, Williams, Denk, Ring

5th - 35.00 - Satsky, Becker, Esparza, Booher

8th - 35.29 - Freeman, Thomas, Fisher, Hill



Girls 6A-5A

7th - 38.50 - Jones, Floreano, Lund, Shockley


Girls JV-B

1st - 33.25 - Bushaw, Dunn, White, Hall

6th - 43.04 - Byrne, McIlvain, Abram, Walthall

10th - 43.48 - Baulier, Anderson, Calvin, Boshow


Next up, the Dragon Cross Country teams will be heading to Denton for the Marcus I Invitational held at North Lakes Park Saturday August 31, 2019.


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Nike Nationals Boys Team (L-R): Jack Meyers, Antonio Florcruz, Drew Bliss, Henry Gardner, Steven Torres, Tim McElaney, Nate Lannen





 Portland, OR (December 1, 2018) –Southlake Cross Country & Track Club’s top 7 boys competed against the best runners in the nation at Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon on Saturday.  The Nationals course at Glendoveer Golf Course offers athletes a premium, challenging championship venue for putting it all on the line, set with chilly temperatures in the mid 40’s and plenty of hilly, challenging terrain.  This is the 15th year that Nike has hosted this prestigious meet for the top two boys and girls’ teams in each of the eight regions around the country amounting this year to just 408 runners of over 473,000 high school runners in the United States. 


The boy’s team placed 20th and were led by Junior Nate Lannen who crossed the line in 82nd place overall with a time of 16:04.  Next to finish was Tim McElaney in 92nd at 16:08, followed by Jack Myers in 142nd (16:33), Henry Gardner in 152nd (16:38), Drew Bliss in 169th (16:55), Steven Torres in 180th (17:03), and Antonio Florcruz in 185th (17:06). 


Head Coach Justin Leonard commented, “We are extremely proud of the way our boys competed on the national stage. It’s a challenging race with the nation’s best and our boys fought every step. I’m so happy that our seniors could end their careers on the national stage and we are excited for the future as well.”




Results and video:


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Boys Championship Team (L-R): Tim McElaney, Jack Meyers, Drew Bliss, Antonio Florcruz, Steven Torres, Nate Lannen and Henry Gardner





The Woodlands, TX (November 17, 2018) – The championship Southlake Cross Country boys team earned a highly coveted spot at Nike Cross Nationals Meet in Portland, OR on December 1st while the girls earned a 3rd place finish in this extremely competitive Nike Regionals club meet.  The boys’ team finished in 2nd place with 137 points behind El Paso while the girls team finished behind Flower Mound (1st) and Prosper (2nd).  This will be the 9th consecutive year and the 12th trip for the boys to the Nationals meet in Portland while this marks the conclusion of the girls’ season for the year. The Nike Regional meet includes teams from five states and only the top two teams from this and each regional meet from around the country qualify for the Nike Nationals meet.  The remaining runners from the Southlake XC and Track Club ran in the open races with some very impressive results as well.  Of the 101 Boys Teams and 908 competitors racing in the Boys Open races, the Open 1 Boys “B” Team placed 1st overall while the Open 1 “C” Team placed 5th.  Not to be outdone, of the 62 teams and 577 individual racers competing in the Girls Open events, the Girls Open 1 “B” Team also placed 1st overall while the Open 1 “C” Team placed 3rd


Head Coach Justin Leonard said, “I’m so proud of the way our kids competed at NXR. To be able to qualify in boys for NXN was special. We are also proud of the way our girls competed to place 3rd. Both of our teams won the open division races which is a great thing and shows the depth of our program.”


“I would like to thank our kids, parents, school administrators and community for the continued support over the years. This is what makes Carroll a special place.”


The championship boys’ team was led by Junior Nate Lannen who came in 5th overall.  He was followed by Jack Meyers in 13th, Steven Torres in 36th, Henry Gardner in 39th and Drew Bliss finishing out the scoring positions coming in 44th.  Tim McElaney (53rd) and Antonio Florcruz (81st) rounded out the top 7 runners for the Southlake team. 


The championship girls’ team was led by Junior Lydia Lo who came in 17th place overall, followed by Sofia Santamaria who captured 20th place, with Payton Wichman coming in behind her in 28th.  Grace Williamson finished in the 32nd spot and Tatum Foreman placed in 58th to round out the scorers.  Lauren Langenberg (83rd) and Riley Lackey (116th) also competed for the Southlake Girls’ team.   

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Boys Varsity State Runners

Round Rock, TX (November 3, 2018) – The Southlake Carroll Boys Cross Country Team earned a 2nd place finish and the Girls earned a 4th place finish at the Class 6A State Championship in Round Rock, TX.  Each year brings challenges at this level of competition and this year was certainly no different.  Even with the challenging course at Old Settler’s Park, the boys came away with a podium finish while the girls just missed theirs by 9 points. 


Head Cross Country Coach Justin Leonard said, “We are so proud of the way our kids competed at the State meet. We went into the meet with the goal of winning but came up a little short. I would like to thank this group of seniors for all of their dedication over the last four years. Now we will regroup and get a little redemption at Nike Regionals.”


For the boys it was a repeat of last year’s state meet with the team coming away in 2nd place with 113 points behind The Woodlands who scored 99 points.  Junior Nate Lannen came in 6th overall; following behind him was Tim McElaney with Jack Meyers right behind him in 14th.  Henry Garnder was next to cross the line in 36th and Drew Bliss rounded out the scoring positions in 44th place.  Antonio Florcruz (53rd) and Steven Torres (55th) also competed, completing the varsity team.  The entire varsity team met Elite Performance Standards with times of 16:30 or less.


The Lady Dragons in a tight race placed 4th with 103 points behind Prosper (with 94 points) Lewisville Flower Mound (93 points) and Coppell (79 points) and ahead of Keller (with 130 points.)  The girls’ team was again led by Senior Sofia Santamaria in 7th place overall followed by Grace Williamson in 11th, Lydia Lo in 23rd, Payton Wichman in 25th, and finishing out the scoring positions was Lauren Langenberg in 37th.  Tatum Foreman finished in 66th and Katherine McElaney 82nd to complete the varsity team.  All seven varsity girls met Elite Performance Standards with times of 19:45 or less.





Boys                                                                            Girls

6th –   Nate Lannen (15:18)                                            7th –   Sofia Santamaria (17:54)

13th – Tim McElaney (15:30)                                          11th – Grace Williamson (18:11)

14th – Jack Myers (15:31)                                              23rd – Lydia Lo (18:26)

36th – Henry Gardner (15:53)                                         25th – Payton Wichman (18:27)

44th – Drew Bliss (15:56)                                               37th  – Lauren Langenberg (18:41)

53rd – Antonio Florcruz (16:01)                                       66th – Tatum Foreman (19:14)

55th – Drew Bliss (16:01)                                               82nd  – Katherine McElaney (19:44)

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Regionals Varsity Team



 Boys Place 1st & Girls Place 2nd


Lubbock, TX (October 22, 2018) – The Carroll Girls and Boys Cross Country teams advanced to the State Championship race after placing 1st in the boy’s race and 2nd in the girl’s race.  For the 9th consecutive year, the boy’s team has earned a state meet bid, and for the 22nd consecutive year, the Lady Dragons earned a spot in the championship state race. Despite the tough 3-mile course at Mae Simmons Park, known for its challenging course with steep hills and tight turns, the Dragon runners came out strong and persevered.


Head Coach Justin Leonard said, “Our boys’ and girls’ teams were able to come out to Regionals and accomplish the goal of qualifying for the state meet. We are extremely proud of the way they stepped up and were able to perform at a high level. We are excited to run at the state meet and pursue our goal of winning state.”


Nate Lannen led the boys’ team placing 4th overall with a time of 15:03.  Jack Myers was next to cross the line coming in 14th place, Tim Mcelaney came in right behind in 16th, followed by Steven Torres in 22nd, and right behind Steven was Antonio Florcruz finishing out the scoring positions in 23rd place.  Henry Gardner (28th) and Drew Bliss (30th) also competed.  Along with the Dragon boys’ team who scored 79 points, Lewisville Flower Mound (taking 2nd with 95 points), Keller (placing 3rd with 117 points) and El Paso Americas (with 134 points and placing 4th) will all advance to the Championship State Meet.


Leading for the Lady Dragons was Sofia Santamaria in 6th place overall with a time of 17:45. Next to cross the line was Grace Williamson in 16th place, followed by Lydia Lo in 19th place with Payton Wichman directly behind her in 20th place and Lauren Langenberg finishing in 28th place to complete the scoring runners.  Katherine Mcelaney (44th) and Tatum Foreman (57th) also competed.  The girls’ team (placing 2nd with 89 points) is moving to the state meet along with Lewisville Flower Mound (placing 1st with 77 points), Keller (in 3rd with 91 points), and Coppell (in 4th with 107 points). 


Girls                                                                Boys

6th – Sofia Santamaria 17:45                                           4th -- Nate Lannen 15:03

16th – Grace Williamson 18:22                                        14th – Jack Myers 15:28

19th – Lydia Lo 18:28                                                        16th – Tim Mcelaney 15:29

20th – Payton Wichman 18:31                                         22nd -- Steven Torres 15:37

28th – Lauren Langenberg 18:46                                     23rd – Antonio Florcruz 15:38


The Southlake Carroll Cross Country Varsity teams will compete on Saturday, November 3rd at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TX in the State Meet.


For complete results, go to

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Carroll Cross Country Varsity Teams Advance to Regionals

JV Teams Take Top Honors, Sweeping Their Races

At UIL 6A – District 5 Championship Meet


Southlake, TX (October 11, 2018) – The Dragon Varsity Boys Team took 1st place while the Varsity Girls placed 2nd in this competitive UIL 6A – District 5 Meet, earning both the Varsity Boys and Girls Teams a spot in the Regional meet in Lubbock.  The Boys had a low score of just 32 points, placing 15 points ahead of Keller.  The Girls scored 45 points, just 4 points behind Keller. Both JV Teams ruled the field taking 1st place and showing the tremendous depth of the Carroll Dragon team.  The top 3 schools in the Varsity Boys and Girls divisions advance to the Regional meet in Lubbock on October 22nd.

 Southlake Carroll Head Coach Justin Leonard said, “The District XC 6A-5 championship was a great event and our runners did not disappoint.  I really thought our kids ran hard and rose to the occasion which means being at your best during championship moments.  Both of our JV teams perfect scored which is a sign of the team’s great depth.  Our Varsity teams achieved the goal of moving onto the next round and we are excited for the regional meet.” 

 Coach Leonard further commented, “We are very grateful to our Senior class who has given us four great years and memories to last a lifetime.”


Varsity Teams Advance

 The Varsity Dragon Boys dominated their race with 5 of the runners placing in the top 10 overall and the team scoring only 32 points.  Junior Nate Lannen led the boys’ team taking 2nd place with a time of 15:18. Finishing next was Jack Myers in 5th at 15:40, with Tim Mcelaney right behind him in 6th running 15:40, followed by Drew Bliss in 9th at 15:49.  Rounding out the team’s scorers was Henry Gardner in 10th at 15:55.  Also competing for the Dragons was Antonio Florcruz finishing 13th at 16:09 and Steven Torres placing 19th at 16:31.

 The Varsity Lady Dragons finished strong with Junior Payton Wichman leading the team and placing 7th overall with a time of 18:35.  Next to cross the line was Sofia Santamaria in 8th running an 18:41, followed by Grace Williamson in 9th at 18:47, Lydia Lo in 10th at 18:49 and rounding out the girls team’s scorers was Kate Reppeto in 11th at 18:51.  Tatum Foreman and Katherine Mcelaney also competed for the Lady Dragons, finishing in 12th (18:53) and 14th (18:59), respectively. 


JV Dragons Reign Supreme

The JV Dragon boys ran a tremendous race taking 1st place with a perfect score of just 15 points and finishing with 9 runners in the top 10 overall.  The team was led by Senior Hayden Coleman who placed 1st with a time of 15:58, followed by Brett Naughton in 2nd at 16:06, Vishnu Nair in 3rd at 16:13, Duncan Brown in 4th at 16:51, and Michael McCabe in 5th at 16:20, rounding out the scoring positions.  Completing the top 10 finishers overall were Kieran Beirne in 6th at 16:25, Brett Gilley in 7th at 16:32, Matthew Sims in 8th at 16:36 and Chase Fisher in 10th at 16:41. 

 The JV Lady Dragons showed just how deep their talent goes by nabbing the top 14 finishing positions overall, taking 1st place with a perfect score of 15 and sweeping their race.  Leading for the Lady Dragons was Senior Lauren Langenberg in 1st at 18:59, followed by Riley Lackey in 2nd at 19:07, Abigail McIlvain in 3rd at 19:19, Rachel Nguyen in 4th at 19:28, and rounding out the scoring positions for the Lady Dragons was Kaitlyn Rodysill in 5th at 19:29.  Laurel Hook, 6th at 19:39, Olivia Jones, 7th at 19:43, Alexa Karmis, 8th at 19:51, Kristin Mader, 9th at 19:57 and Jenna Holland, 10th at 20:02 completed the top 10 positions for the Lady Dragons.


In less than two weeks on October 22, the Southlake Carroll Cross Country Varsity teams will compete at Mae Simmons Park in Lubbock in the highly competitive Regional Meet.



 For complete race results, go to

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Carroll Cross Country Weekend Meets Recap


Dragon Elite Varsity Girls Take 2nd & Boys Take 3rd

In the McNeil Invitational


Varsity Boys Place 2nd & Girls Take 5th

JV Girls and Boys Take 1st

In the Wildcat Prowl in the Park


Round Rock, TX and Denton, TX (September 29, 2018) – The Elite Dragon Varsity Teams raced at the state meet site at Old Settler’s Park competing against hundreds of teams from around the state.  Both teams came away strong with the boys grabbing a 3rd place finish and the girls placing 2nd in their race.  In Denton, the Varsity boys placed 2nd while the girls placed 5th with a predominately freshman team.  Both the JV boys’ and girls’ teams grabbed the top spots in their races.   


McNeil Invite (Round Rock) – Varsity Elite Teams

The Dragon boys team placed 3rd with Junior Nate Lannen finishing 17th overall at 15:22.  Next in for the boys was Antonio Florcruz in 46th (15:48), followed by Steven Torres in 74th (15:58), Lucas Levan in 75th (15:58) and rounding out the scoring positions was Tim Mcelaney in 83rd at 16:01.  Grant Anderson, 87th (16:05) and Jack Myers 93rd 16:07 completed the top seven.


The Lady Dragon girls’ team came away with a 2nd place finish, with Senior Sofia Santamaria leading the Lady Dragons taking 20th place overall at 18:16.  Next in line was Lydia Lo in 31stst (18:34), Kate Reppeto in 41st at 18:41, Lauren Langenberg in 75th at 19:01 and Katherine Mcelaney rounded out the scorers for the team in 76th at 19:02.  Grace Williamson 82nd (19:06) and Payton Wichman in 85th (19:10) completed the team’s seven. 


Wildcat Prowl (Denton) – Varsity and JV Teams

The Varsity boys team finished 2nd with Brett Gilley leading the team and finishing 13th (15:52), Jayden Chambless 14th (15:53), Chase Fisher 17th (15:59), Dimitri Desjardins 25th (16:10) and Noah Castro in 27th (16:11), completing the top 5.  The Varsity Lady Dragons finished 5th with Freshman Kristin Mader leading in 10th (19:13), Kaylie Cox in 19th (19:45), Gabby Dugger 21st (19:49), Caitlyn Midkiff 28th (20:05) and Brynn Floreano in 31st (20:18).


The JV Boys finished in 1st with just 21 points, led by Matthew Varriale finishing 1st overall (16:16), Devin Aydon 3rd (16:33), Jack Meyer 4th (16:35), Luke Darrah 6th (16:45), and Isaac Chavez in 7th (16:49).  The JV Lady Dragons also nabbed 1st with 37 points led by Audrey Kwentus in 3rd (20:08), Stephanie Smith 5th (20:17), Kara Kushwaha 8th (20:36), Elizabeth Cravens 10th (20:37) and Karley Beall 11th (20:46).


Head Cross Country Coach Justin Leonard commented, “We are extremely proud of the effort that our runners put forth this weekend in their last pre-district competition. Some of our runners had the opportunity to preview the State Meet course and gain some valuable insight which hopefully pays dividends later in the season. Words can’t express how proud we are of our runners that competed in the Wildcat Prowl in the Park Invite. We were able to split our teams into two meets and still come away with four top five Varsity finishes and two 1st place team performances in the JV division. This speaks volumes about our team depth and the amount of effort and dedication they exhibit on a weekly basis.”





Dragon Varsity Elite Top Boys and Girls Results (Round Rock)


3rd Place                                                                                                        2nd Place

17th -- Nate Lannen 15:22                                                       20th -- Sofia Santamaria 18:16

46th -- Antonio Florcruz 15:48                                               31st -- Lydia Lo18:34

74th – Steven Torres 15:58                                                      41st – Kate Reppeto 18:41

75th – Lucas Levant 15:58                                                       75th – Lauren Langenberg 19:01

83rd – Tim Mcelaney 16:01                                                     76th – Katherine Mcelaney 19:02

87th -- Grant Anderson 16:05                                                      82nd -- Grace Williamson 19:06

93rd -- Jack Myers 16:07                                                               85th -- Payton Wichman 19:10



Dragon Varsity and JV Top Results (Denton)


Varsity Boys (2nd) and Girls (5th)

13th Brett Gilley 15:52                                                                  10th Kristin Mader 19:13

14th Jayden Chambless 15:53                                                      19th Kaylie Cox 19:45

17th Chase Fisher 15:59                                                               21st Gabby Dugger 19:49

25th Dimitri Desjardins 16:10                                                     28th Caitlyn Midkiff 20:05

27th Noah Castro 16:11                                                                31st Brynn Floreano 20:18

35th Brian McCarthy 16:17                                                          32nd Sarah  Chen 20:19

37th Ryan Odneal 16:23                                                               38th Madalyn Wardin 20:34


JV Boys (1st) and Girls (1st)

1st Matthew Varriale 16:16                                                         3rd Audrey Kwentus 20:08

3rd Devon Aydon 16:33                                                                5th Stephanie Smith 20:17

4th Jack Meyer 16:35                                                                     8th Kara Kushwaha 20:36

6th Luke Darrah 16:45                                                                  10th Elizabeth Cravens 20:37

7th Isaac Chavez 16:49                                                                 11th Karley Beall 20:46




Next week the Dragons will prepare for the District meet on October 11th at Bob Jones Park in Southlake, TX.






All meet results can be found at

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Corpus Team Beach Olympics

Carroll Cross Country Weekend Meets Recap


Dragon Girls Take 4th in Both the Gold & Open Races

And Dragon Boys Place 3rd and 5th in the Gold & Open Races   

At the Islander Splash Invitational


JV Dragon Girls & Boys Competed in Coppell


Corpus Christi and Irving, Texas (September 22, 2018) – As the top Southlake Carroll Dragon runners prepare for next week, the remaining team split up with a portion of the runners traveling to Corpus Christi for the annual Texas A&M-Islander Splash Invitational where the girls took 4th place in both races and the boys came away with a 3rd and 5th place finish in their races. The rest of the boys and girls team competed at the Coppell Invitational held in Irving.


Islander Splash Invitational

Leading the Lady Dragons to their 4th place finish in the Gold race at Corpus was Olivia Jones placing 17th overall (18:36), followed by Nikoletta Shockley in 28th (18:58), Alexa Karmis in 44th (19:23), Kristin Mader in 46th (19:28) and Kaylie Cox in 47th (19:37).  Madalyn Wardin (19:42) and Caitlyn Midkiff (20:08) rounded out the top 7 positions.  In the Open Race, where that team also placed 4th, Gabby Dugger finished in 24th (19:43) followed by Brynn Floreano in 26th (19:47), Sarah Chen in 36th (20:05), Haiden Scarborough in 42nd (20:11) and Shreya Veeravelli in 46 (20:22).  Lauren Lund (53rd) and Audrey Kwentus (56th) rounded out the top 7 finishers.  


The boys came away with a 3rd place finish in the Gold race with Duncan Brown leading the Dragons in 19th (15:15), followed by Brett Naughton, 26th (15:27), Michael McCabe in 31st (15:32), Chase Fisher in 37th (15:38) and Jayden Chambless in 43rd (15:43).  Brian McCarthy (15:43) and Brett Gilley (16:13) completed the top 7.  In the Open race, Noah Castro led in 22nd at 16:10, followed by Dimitri DesJardins in 27th (16:18), Bennett Woolsey, 33rd (16:22), Solomon Chavez, 37th (16:27), and Will Coleman in 45th (16:32).  Bryan Fernando (16:34) and Matthew Varriale (16:35) rounded out the top 7 finishers for the team.


Coppell Invitational

Southlake Carroll had teams competing in the JV division on this extremely tough and muddy course.  Unfortunately, the boys and girls team results were not posted accurately as of press release time. 


Carroll Cross Country Head Coach Justin Leonard commented, “We are extremely pleased with the way our runners competed at the Islander Splash and Coppell Invite. There were some great performances and this will pay dividends for us at the district meet and beyond. We appreciate all of the support from our XC families and school.”


The Dragons are back on the course next Saturday the 29th with the Varsity teams traveling to Round Rock for the McNeil XC Invite and the JV Dragon Runners competing in Denton at the Wildcat Prowl.  

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Carroll XC Varsity Teams Enjoying Some Downtime Before Race Day

Elite Varsity Dragon Teams Compete in California

Elite Girls Finish 5th & Elite Boys Take 6th


Varsity Girls Take 2nd  


Norco, CA  (September 15, 2018) – The top runners of the Southlake Carroll Cross Country teams traveled to Norco, CA to compete at the 38th Annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classic, a fast 3-mile race held under the lights at night. The elite boys and girl’s teams faced tough competition from around the country and came away with some outstanding performances.


Head Coach Justin Leonard commented, “Our boys and girls teams competed hard in California against some of the best teams in the nation. We love having the opportunity to compete against national level competition. These types of races and experiences will pay dividends for our team and runners during the championship portion of our season.”


The Elite Varsity Dragon girls took 5th place in California and were led by junior Lydia Lo who came in 44th with a time of 17:17:20. Sofia Santamaria was right behind her in 45th place (17:17:40), Tatum Foreman came in next in 60th place (17:34), Grace Williamson came in 74th (17:47) and Payton Wichman rounded out the scoring positions with 85th place (17:54). Jenna Holland (18:08) and Kate Reppeto (18:09) completed the elite 7 runners for the Dragon girls. 


The Elite Varsity Dragon boys faced tough competition and came away with a 6th place finish led by Junior Nate Lannen who took 17th overall and ran a 14:31. Next to cross the line for the Dragons was Drew Bliss in 40th place (14:48), Antonio Florcruz  in 71st  place (15:03), Henry Gardner was 85th (15:08) and Jack Myers completed the scoring positions with a 108th place finish (15:20). Vishnu Nair also competed and came in 154th (15:42).


The Varsity Dragon girls captured an inspiring 2nd place and were led by Riley Lackey in 23rd place, Abigail McIlvain was right behind 26th , Lauren Langenberg followed in 28th, Katherine Mcelaney in 33rd and Kaitlyn Rodysill finished in 41st.  Rachel Nguyen (71st ) and Laurel Hook (75th) also competed.  


The Varsity Elite and Varsity Dragons will use this next week off to train hard and prepare for the McNeil XC Invitational on Saturday the 29th in Round Rock, TX.  The JV teams will split up next week and on Saturday the 22nd will either compete in Corpus Christi, TX at the Islander Splash or at the Coppell Invitational in Irving, TX. 

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Annual Southlake Invitational Meet Cut Short as

Carroll Cross Country Hosts Under Very Soggy Conditions


Boys Varsity Elite Take 1st Place

Girls Varsity Elite Place 3rd

Girls Varsity Open Place 1st



Southlake, TX (September 8, 2018) – The 14th Annual Southlake Invitational was held Saturday at Bob Jones Park in Southlake, Texas. Despite heavy downpours, the first three races were completed until field flooding caused the remaining races to be cancelled.  This event has become one of the state’s supreme races, hosting teams from around the state and neighboring states with over 3,000 runners attending.  Even with the very challenging conditions, Southlake Carroll came to compete with the Boys Varsity Elite and Girls Varsity teams grabbing 1st place and the Girls Varsity Elite team placing 3rd.   


Carroll Cross Country Head Coach Justin Leonard said, “We are extremely pleased with the way our athletes responded to today’s conditions. Anyone can run fast when the conditions are ideal but the sign of a champion is when they can block it out and complete the goal. I wish we could have run all the races but sometimes unexpected things happen.”


Dragon Elite Varsity Boys Take 1st Place


The Elite Varsity Boys team placed first led by Nate Lannen, finishing 7th overall at 16:44.  Following Nate was Henry Gardner in 12th at 16:57, Drew Bliss in 13th at 16:57, Jack Myers in 23rd at 17:19 and Steven Torres in 25th at 17:26.  Rounding out the top seven for the team were Tim McElaney in 30th (17:37) and Kieran Beirne in 34th at (17:42).  There were 234 finishers in the race. 



Dragon Elite Varsity Girls Take 3rd Place


The Varsity Elite Girls team was led by Sophomore Grace Williamson placing 24th overall at 20:09.  Right behind Grace was Payton Wickman in 25th at 20:09, followed by Lydia Lo in 27th at 20:10, Sofia Santamaria in 28th at 20:11 and Jenna Holland placing 30th rounding out the top five scoring positions at 20:12.  Kate Reppeto (20:13) and Abigail McIlvain (20.26) placed 31st and 36th respectively.  Of the 215 participants, there were 163 finishers in the Varsity Elite girls’ race.





Dragon Varsity Girls Take 1st Place 


The Varsity Girls finished with an impressively low score of just 25 points and were led by sophomore Kaitlyn Rodysill who placed 1st overall in the race at 21:36. Next in was Laurel Hook at 22:12 placing 4th, followed by Riley Lackey in 7th at 22:19, Rachel Nguyen in 10th at 22:25, and Nikoletta Shockly in 11th at 22:30.   Rounding out the top seven finishers were Olivia Jones in 12th at 22:31 and Madalyn Wardin in 17th at 22:48.   


The Carroll Cross Country Varsity Teams will be traveling to California to compete in the Woodbridge XC Classic in Norco, CA next Saturday.



Southlake Invitational Top 10 Results



Boys Elite Varsity (1st)

7th          Nate Lannen 16:44

12th        Henry Gardner 16:57

13th        Drew Bliss 16:57

23rd        Jack Meyers 17:19

25th        Steven Torres 17:26

30th        Tim McElaney 17:37

34th        Kieran Beirne 17:42

65th        Vishnu Nair 18:17

83rd        Hayden Coleman 18:30



Girls Elite Varsity (3rd)

24th        Grace Williamson 20:09

25th        Payton Wichman 20:09

27th        Lydia Lo 20:10

28th        Sofia Santamaria 20:11

30th        Jenna Holland 20:12

31st        Kate Reppeto 20:13

36th        Abigail McIlvain 20:26

37th        Tatum Foreman 20:27

55th        Katherine McElaney 20:58

60th        Lauren Langenberg 21:04


Girls Varsity (1st)

1st           Kaitlyn Rodysill 21:36

4th          Laurel Hook 22:12

7th          Riley Lackey 22:19

10th        Rachel Nguyen 22:25

11th        Nikoletta Shockley 22:30

12th        Oliva Jones 22:31

17th        Madalyn Wardin 22:48

20th        Erin Fritz 22:55

25th        Kristin Mader 23:10

32nd        Kaylie Cox 23:34



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