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Southlake Carroll Dragons Compete Amongst Some 70 Teams

At the Marcus I Invitational

Varsity Boys Elite and Varsity Boys Open Take 2nd Place  

Varsity Girls Elite Finish 5th, Varsity Girls Open Take 2nd

JV Elite Boys Take 1st , JV Open Finishes in 1st

JV Elite Girls Take 1st , JV Open Finishes in 1st


Denton, Texas (September 1, 2018) – The Southlake Carroll Cross Country teams were in the hunt for dominance at the Marcus I Invitational meet in Denton’s North Lakes Park on Saturday.  With demanding competition, the teams worked to meet the challenge of their first 5k of the season. Between the boys and girls’ teams, 14 finished as National Elites*.


Coach Justin Leonard commented, "Marcus 1 is typically our team’s first 5k of the season. It’s a great measuring stick to see where we are at as a team and individually. We are pleased with the way the teams competed but also realize we have some room to grow and develop. Next week is our home meet and we are excited to host 3,000 runners from around the state and even a few out of state teams as well."


The Dragons took 2nd place in the Varsity Boys Elite race with Nate Lannen placing 10th overall for the team with a time of 15:43, followed by Steven Torres in 24th at 16:05, Drew Bliss in 31st at 16:13, Henry Gardner in 35th at 16:18, and Vishnu Nair in 45th at 16:26 to finish out the five scoring positions.  Antonio Florcruz and Jack Meyers finishing 50th and 51st, both with a time of 16:29, completed the top seven for the team. 


The Varsity Boys Open team also took second place on Saturday.  Tim EcElaney led his team with a 2nd place finish at 16:36, followed by Grant Anderson in 7th at 16:44, Lucas Levant in 12th at 17:06, Matthew Sims in 13th at 17:07 and Duncan Brown in 19th at 17:14, completing the top five scorers.  Brett Gilley and Bradly Heidebrecht rounded out the top seven. 


The Varsity Girls Elite team came away with a 5th place finish, led by Sofia Santamaria in 23rd at 19:04, followed by Katherine McElaney in 43rd at 19:29, Grace Williamson in 44th at 19:31, Tatum Foreman in 47th at 19:33, and Payton Wichman in 48th at 19:34 to finish the top five scoring positions.  Kate Reppeto (19:38) and Lydia Lo (19:40) completed the top seven for the team. 


The Varsity Girls Open team took 2nd place and was led by Lauren Langenberg coming in 4th overall for the team at 19:59, followed by Abigail McIlvain in 5th at 20:03, Laurel Hook in 9th at 20:17, Erin Fritz in 15th at 20:37 and Madalyn Wardin in 28th at 21:02 rounding out the top five scorers.  Alexa Karmis and Caitlyn Midkiff completed the top seven for the team. 


Southlake Carroll’s JV teams truly dominated the field, taking 1st in both the boys and girls JV Elite and JV Open divisions.  The JV Elite Boys came away with a low score of just 22 points taking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th overall while the JV Elite girls finished with 35 points with scorers in the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th positions overall.   


The Dragons runners will be hosting the Southlake Invitational meet next Saturday, September 8th at Bob Jones Park in Southlake.





*National Elite Standards: Boys – 16:30 or below; Girls – 19:45 or below

-Boys National Elite:  Nate Lannen, Steven Torres, Drew Bliss, Henry Gardner, Vishnu Nair, Antonio Florcruz, Jack Meyers; Girls National Elite:  Sofia Santamaria, Katherine McElaney, Grace Williamson, Tatum Foreman, Payton Wichman, Kate Reppeto, Lydia Lo




Boys Elite Varsity  (2nd)                                                 Boys Varsity Open (2nd)

10th -- Nate Lannen 15:43                                              2nd  -- Tim McElaney 16:36

24th – Steven Torres 16:05                                             7th – Grant Anderson 16:44

31st -- Drew Bliss 16:13                                                   12th – Lucas Levant 17:06

35th -- Henry Gardner 16:18                                           13th – Matthew Sims 17:07

45th -- Vishnu Nair 16:26                                                19th -- Duncan Brown 17:14

50th – Antonio Florcruz 16:29                                        30th – Brett Gilley 17:34

51st – Jack Meyers 16:29                                                45th  – Bradley Heidebreht 17:49


Girls Elite Varsity (5th)                                                   Girls Varsity Open (2nd)

23rd – Sofia Santamaria 19:04                                        4th – Lauren Langenberg 19:59

43rd -- Katherine McElaney 19:29                                  5th – Abigail McIlvain 20:03

44th – Grace Williamson 19:31                                       9th – Laurel Hook 20:17

47th – Tatum Foreman 19:33                                         15th – Erin Fritz 20:37

48th -- Payton Wichman 19:34                                       28th – Madalyn Wardin 21:02

51st – Kate Reppeto 19:38                                              38th  – Alexa Karmis 21:23

52nd – Lydia Lo 19:40                                                      50th – Caitlyn Midkiff 21:38



Boys Elite JV (1st) – Finishers in the Top 10                 Boys JV Open (1st) – Finishers in the Top 10

Brett Naughton 17:10                                                   Soloman Chavez 18:53

Mason Alexander 17:14                                                 Harry Lacast 20:00

Michael McCabe 17:20                                                   Ethan Satsky 20:00

Brian McCarthy 17:40                                                    

Jayden Chambless 17:43

Ryan Hurrell 18:00

Isaac Chavez 18:01


Girls Elite JV (1st)– Finishers in the Top 10                  Girls JV Open (1st) – Finishers in the Top 10

Kristin Mader 21:24                                                         Brynn Floreano 23:00

Rachel Nguyen 21:48                                                       Van Buuren Denise 23:45

Oliva Jones 22:01                                                            Erica Egel 23:51

Kaylie Cox 22:04                                                              Heather Quintana 23:55


For full Marcus I meet results go to

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