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Senior Chase Fisher, Junior Antonio Florcruz, Senior Nate Lannen, Senior Tim McElaney

Chile Pepper Festival XC Meet:

Varsity Elite Boys 1st / Varsity Elite Girls 1st

Varsity Elite Boys 7th / Varsity Elite Girls 8th

The Decatur Reunion Run:

Varsity Boys 2nd / Varsity Girls 3rd

JV Boys 1st / JV Girls 1st


Fayetteville, AR and Decatur, TX (October 5, 2019) – For the second time in two weeks, the Carroll XC Varsity Elite Boys and Girls teams fared well against strong competition in an out- of-state meet. At the Chile Pepper Festival XC meet, a dual college and high school XC competition hosted by the University of Arkansas, the Varsity Elite Boys teams placed 1st and 7th on the 5K course and the Varsity Elite Girls squads  placed 1st and 8th. All of the Carroll teams participated in the “El Caliente” race, which featured the fastest high school runners at the Chile Pepper meet. Meanwhile, the Carroll Varsity and JV teams took care of business a little closer to home, with the Varsity Boys and Girls finishing 2nd and 3rd  respectively in the Varsity division of the Reunion Run in Decatur, and the JV Boys and Girls teams placing 1st in the Junior Varsity division. 

Coach Justin Leonard said, “These were our final tune-up meets heading into the championship portion of our season. I thought our boys and girls performed at a high level at both meets, especially the performances at the Reunion Run. We are excited about the District Championship Meet on October 17th. We will be ready and it’s going to be fun.”

Following are the individual results for the Dragons runners. The runners’ overall placement as shown below reflects the results used for team scoring, i.e. they do not reflect the results of unattached runners. The top 5 runners for each team score.

Chile Pepper Festival: Leading the 1st place Southlake Carroll Elite Varsity Boys team was Nate Lannen placing 5th overall (15:40) followed by Solomon Chavez in 6th (15:42),  Antonio Florcruz in 19th(15:59), Joe Gardner  in 35th (16:14), and Michael McCabe in 36th (16:18).  Tim McElaney (111th/16:58) and Chase Fisher (114th/16:59) rounded out the top 7 positions.  

Leading the 1st place Southlake Carroll Elite Varsity Elite Girls team was Jenna Holland placing 1st overall (18:19), followed by Kaylie Cox in 2rd (18:39), Lydia Lo in 3rd (18:43), Abigail McIlavain in 11th (19:05) and Tatum Foreman in 25th (19:31).  Alexa Karmis (26th/19:33) and Katherine McElaney (31st/19:39) completed the top 7.  

Leading the 7th place Elite Varsity Boys team was Mason Alexander (49th/16:26), followed by Jayden Chambless (52nd/16:29), Brett Gilley (66th/16:38), Steven Torres (87th/16:49) and Matt Hetrick (105th/16:56). Kieran Beirne (125th/17:03) and Lucas Levant (281st/17:57) completed the top 7. 

Leading the 8th place Elite Varsity Girls team was Laurel Hook (49th/20:09), followed by Kristin Mader (72nd/20:27), Olivia Jones (82nd/20:36), Payton Wichman (84th/20:38), and Natalie Ng (94th/20:44). Kate Reppeto (101st/20:48) and Rachel Nguyen (116th/21:02) completed the top 7.

Decatur Reunion Run:  The  Southlake Carroll Varsity Girls finished 3rd in the Varsity division. The squad tied for 2nd, and was only 3 points behind the leader, but lost the tie-breaker for 2nd place.  Pacing the squad was Nikoletta Shockley’s 8th place finish(20:33), followed by Mia Tesoriero in 16th (21:06), Caris White in 18th (21:18), Anna Hall in 20th (21:20), and Audrey Dunn in 21st (21:21.0). Rachel Moon  (22nd/21:21.0) and Maggie Costello (23rd/21:21.5) rounded out the top 7. 

Southlake Carroll Varsity Boys finished 2nd in the Varsity division The squad was led by Bryan Fernando in 18th place (16:39), followed by Logan Schaunaman in 24th (16:49), Devin Aydon in 28th (16:51), Aidan Denk in 35th (17:04) and Bruner Lind in 46th (17:14). Robert Freeman (55th/17:21) and David Fisher (57th/17:23) rounded out the top 7. 

The Carroll JV XC Girls finished 1st in the Junior Varsity division.  Anna Hill finished 3nd (22:36), followed by Helen Capriglione in 4th (also 22:36), McKaylee McAddo in 8th (23:07), Zayle Sidhu in 9th (23:08), and Elizabeth Ritenour in 10th (23:12). Kenzie Baulier (15th/23:26) and Claudia Bigalke (16th/ 23:27) rounded out the top 7. 

The Carroll JV XC Boys finished 1st in the Junior Varsity division. Hunter Hill finished 2nd (18:00), followed by Blayne Williams in 6th (18:24), Daniel Stevenson in 8th (18:30), Ethan Satsky in 9th (18:34), and Ishan Kumar in 15th (18:54). Nathan Upadhyay (16th/18:54.5) and Vivek Reddy (17th/18:55) rounded out the top 7.

This last weekend’s events concludes the regular season events for the Southlake Carroll cross country teams. Next up is the post season events, starting with the District 5-6A Championship Meet, which Southlake Carroll will be hosting at Bob Jones Park on Thursday, October 17th. 


Chile Pepper Sr. High Invitational Top 5 Results

Carroll-Stripes Boys

5th Nate Lannen 15:40

6th Solomon Chavez 15:42

19th Antonio Florcruz 15:59

35th Joe Gardner 16:14

36th Michael McCabe 16:18


Carroll-Green Boys

49th Mason Alexander 16:26

52th Jayden Chambless 16:29

66th Brett Gilley 16:38

87th Steven Torres 16:49

105th Matt Hetrick 16:56


Carroll-Stripes Girls

1st Jenna Holland 18:19

2nd Kaylie Cox 18:39

3rd Lydia Lo 18:43

11th Abigail McIlvain 19:05

28th Tatum Foreman 19:31


Carroll-Green Girls

49th Laurel Hook 20:09

72nd Kristen Mader 20:27

82nd Olivia Jones 20:36

84th Payton Wichman 20:38

94th Natalie Ng 20:44


Reunion Run Cross Country Meet Top 5 Results

Boys Varsity

18th Bryan Fernando 16:39

24th Logan Schaunaman 16:49

28th Devin Aydon 16:51

35th Aiden Denk 17:04

46th Bruner Lind 17:14


Boys JV

2nd Hunter Hill 18:00

6th Blayne Willams 18:24

8th Daniel Stevenson 18:30

9th Ethan Satsky 18:34

15th Ishan Kumar 18:54


Girls Varsity

8th Nikoletta Shockley 20:33

16th Mia Tesoriero 21:06

18th Caris White 21:18

20th  Anna Hall 21:20

21st Audrey Dunn 21:21


Girls JV

3rd Anna Hill 22:36

4th Helen Capriglione 22:36

8th McKaylee McAdoo 23:07

9th Zayle Sidhu 23:08

10th Elizabeth Ritenour 23:12


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