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Senior Daniel Stevenson, Junior Nick Langenberg, Sophomore Bode Keiser

Kingsville and Coppell, Texas (September 14, 2019) – As the CXC Varsity Elite teams prepare for competition in California next week, the CXC Varsity and JV teams fared exceptionally well in their competition this week. The CXC Varsity boys and girls squads finished  1st against strong competition at the Javelina XC meet in Kingsville, while the CXC JV boys and girls teams took 2nd  place at the Coppell Invitational.

Following are the individual results for the Dragons:

Javelina XC Invite: Leading the Lady Varsity Dragons to their 1st place finish was Ava Bushaw placing 2nd overall (19:22) followed by Nikoletta Shockley in 5th (20:11),  Maggie Costello in 7th(20:19), Caris White  in 9th (20:37), and Audrey Dunn in 10th (20:38).  Mia Tesoriero (20:45) and Gabby Dugger (20:50) rounded out the top 7 positions. 

The Boys Varsity Dragons finished 1st with Grant Anderson  leading the Dragons in 3rd (15:55), followed by Mason Alexander, 4th (15:57), Logan Schaunaman in 6th (16:08), Bryan Fernando in 8th (16:19) and Issac Chavez in 9th (16:20).  Aidan Denk (16:37) and Jacob Freeman (16:41) completed the top 7. 

Coppell Invitational:  Southlake Carroll JV XC Girls finished 2nd.  Pacing the squad was Riley Calvin in 4th (23:58), Sydney Schelling in 12th (24:43), McKaylee McAdoo in 14th (24:49), Zayle Sidhu in 18th (25:06), and Helen Capriglione in 20th. Elizabeth Ritenour (25:41) and Oliva Abram (25:47) rounded out the top 7.

Southlake Carroll JV XC Boys finished 2nd.  Bode Keiser finished 7th (19:22), followed by Nick Langenberg in 8th (19:26), Levi May in 9th (19:27), Daniel Stevenson in 14th (19:37), and Jack Litwin in 22nd (20:09). Vivek Reddy (20:16) and William Wilkerson (20:39) rounded out the top 7.

Carroll Cross Country Head Coach Justin Leonard commented  “We are so proud of the way our kids competed this weekend at the Javelina XC invite and Coppell XC invite. We continued to show our depth as a program at both meets. The kids are working hard and we are gearing up for the District meet. We will continue to work hard and be at our best during Championship season. Thank you to everyone for all of the continued support.”

The Dragons will be sending teams to the Woodbridge XC Classic in California this coming weekend.   

Javelina XC Invitational Invitational Top 7 Results

Boys Varsity (1st)


  3rd Grant Anderson 15:55 

  4th Mason Alexander 15:57

  6th Logan Schaunaman 16:08

  8th Bryan Fernando 16:19      

  9th Isaac Chavez 16:20

 16th Aidan Denk 16:37       

 18th Jacob Freeman 16:41

 Girls Varsity (1st)

  2 Ava Bushaw 19:22            

  5 Nikoletta Shockley 20:11       

  7 Maggie Costello 20:19       

  9 Caris White 20:37           

 10 Audrey Dunn 20:38       

 11 Mia Tesoriero 20:45

 12 Gabby Dugger 20:50


 Coppell XC Invitational Invitational Top 7 Results

Boys JV (2nd)


7th  Bode Keiser 19:22                                   

8th  Nick Langenberg 19:26         

9th  Levi May 19:27         

14th Daniel Stevenson 19:37      

22nd Jack Litwin 20:09                   

24th Vivek Reddy 20:16                

30th William Wilkerson 20:39    

 Girls JV (2nd)

4th Riley Calvin 23:58

12th Sydney Schelling 24:43

14th McKaylee McAdoo 24:49

18th Zayle Sidhu 25:06

20th Helen Capriglione 25:13

23rd Elizabeth Ritenour 25:41

27th Olivia Abram 25:47

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