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Senior Jenna Holland

Boys Varsity Elite 1st / Boys Varsity 1st 

Girls Varsity Elite 1st / Girls Varsity 1st

JV Boys Elite 1st / JV Girls Elite 2nd

JV Boys 23rd / JV Girls 10th


Southlake, TX (September 7, 2019) – The 15th Annual Southlake Invitational was held Saturday at Bob Jones Park in Southlake, Texas.  The event has become one of Texas’ premier cross country races, hosting teams and individual runners from around the state of Texas  as well as neighboring states. Over 2,600 runners and 78 teams registered for the event this year. In the face of strong competition and a heat index value that was already above 90 degrees by 9:00 a.m., Southlake Carroll XC teams took five 1st place finishes and a 2nd place finish.    

Carroll Cross Country Head Coach Justin Leonard said, “We would like to thank everyone that volunteered their time with the Southlake Invite. It was a large meet that ran smoothly due to you all.  Our kids ran great and really competed. We had some great performances and we are excited to watch our runners grow in the coming weeks. We will continue to work hard and focus on getting better as a team.  At the end of the day we need to maximize our individual potential through effort. We are in control of our future.”

Results (runners’ individual placements are per the results used for team scoring):

Dragon Varsity Elite Boys Finish 1st:The Elite Varsity Boys team placed first, and was led by Nate Lannen, who finished 2nd overall at 15:35.  Also scoring for the team were Tim McElaney in 11th at 16:17, Antonio Florcruz in 13th at 16:19, Salomon Chavez in 14th at 16:19 and Michael McCabe in 20th at 16:31.  Rounding out the top seven for the team were Matthew Hetrick in 30th (16:42) and Brett Gilley in 39th (16:50).  

Dragon Varsity Elite Girls Finish 1st:The Elite Varsity Girls team was led by Jenna Holland, who placed 3rd overall at 18:25.  Also scoring for the team were Kaylie Cox in 5th at 18:54, Alexa Karmis in 11th at 19:11, Tatum Foreman in 12th at 19:13 and Abigail McIlvain placing 14th at 19:13.  Lydia Lo (19:17) and Katherine McElaney (19:28) placed 15th and 23rd respectively to round out the top seven finishers for the team. 

Dragon Varsity Boys Finish 1st:  The Varsity Boys were led by Grant Anderson who placed 1st overall with a time of 17:03. Also scoring for the team were Logan Schaunaman in 3rd (17:09),  Mason Alexander in 5th (17:23), Bryan Fernando in 11th (17:38), and Robert Freeman in 17th (17:54).   Rounding out the top seven finishers for the team were David Fisher in 22nd (17:56) and Aidan Denk in 26th (18:03)

Dragon Varsity Girls Finish 1st: The Varsity Girls were led by Ava Brushaw who finished 2nd overall with a time of 20:12. Also scoring for the team were Nikoletta Shockley in 19th (21:40), Brynn Floreano in 21st (21:47), Audrey Dunn in 23rd (21:48), and Mia Tesoriero in 27th (21:53). Rounding out the top seven finishers for the team were Laura Land in 28th (21:55) and Caris White in 32nd (22:02). 

Dragon Elite JV Boys Finish 2nd: The Elite JV boys were led by Ethan Satsky, who finished 3rd overall with a time of 18:49. Also scoring for the team were  Nathan Upadhyay in 6th (19:14), Andrew Oberhalzer in 13th (19:24), Jake Booher in 19th (19:39), and JJ Pino in 21st (19:45). Rounding out the top seven finishers for the team were Vivek Reddy in 30th (19:54) and Bilal Saadi in 40th (20:08).

Several of the Carroll Cross Country Teams will be competing next weekend at either the Javelina XC Invitational in Corpus Christi, or at the Coppell Invitational.

Southlake Invitational Top 7 Results

Boys Elite Varsity (1st)

2nd Nate Lannen 15:35

11th Tim McElaney 16:17

13th Antonio Florcruz 16:19

14th Solomon Chavez 16:19

20th Michael McCabe 16:31

30th Matthew Hetrick 16:42

39th Brett Gilley 16:50

Girls Elite Varsity (1st) 

3rd Jenna Holland 18:25

5th Kaylie Cox 18:54

11th Alexa Karmis 19:11

12th Tatum Foreman 19:13

14th Abigail McIlvain 19:13

15th Lydia Lo 19:17

23rd  Katherine McElaney 19:28

Boys Varisty (1st)

1st Grant Anderson 17:03

3rd Logan Schaunaman 17:09

5th Mason Alexander 17:23

11th Bryan Fernando  17:38

17th Robert Freeman 17:54

22nd David Fisher 17:56

26th Aidan Denk 18:03

Girls Varsity (1st)

2nd Ava Bushaw 20:12

19th Nikoletta Shockley 21:40

21st Brynn Floreano 21:47

23rd Audrey Dunn 21:48

27th Mia Tesoriero 21:53

28th Lauren Lund 21:55

32nd Caris White 22:02

Boys Elite JV (2nd)

3rd Ethan Satsky 18:49

6th Nathan Upadhyay 19:14

13th Andrew Oberholzer 19:39

19th Jake Booher 19:45

21st JJ Pino 19:45

30th Vivek Reddy 19:54

40th Bilai Saadi 20:08

Girls Elite JV (5th)

18th Lola Bushaw 23:06

30th Mie-Ava Anderson 23:39

32nd Anna Hill 23:47

35th Kenzie Baulier 24:06

40th Mckaylee McAdoo 24:29

42nd Riley Calvin 24:36

49th Hermella Lydick 24:49

Boys JV (23rd)

38th Hunter Morrison 21:31

92nd Raahem Siddiqui 23:16

141th Anthony Thomas 25:37

148th Tyler Ortiz 25:50

161st Matthew Trinh 26:36

166th Rylan Norgart 27:11

168th Braylon Beer 27:13

Girls JV (10th)

48th Mira Nair 27:01

49th Catherine Handy 27:02 

51st Ava Coleman 27:06

67th Reese Duggan 27:52

70th Melina Holt 27:59

78th Ava Chadd 28:48

79th Anna Whitaker 28:56

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