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Junior Sofia Santamaria and Senior Cate Tracht

Dragon Runners Come Out On Top

at the Falcon Fast Invitational

Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys Place 1st

JV Girls and JV Boys Also Take 1st Place


Keller, TX (September 30, 2017) – With the cancellation of the Carroll Dragons’ Varsity races in Round Rock, TX, the entire team competed locally at the Falcon Fast Invitational.  Each of the Varsity and JV Teams came away with big results placing 1st in all races. 

 The varsity boy’s, coming in 1st place with 50 points, were led by Jack Meyers finishing in 6th place overall with a time of 16:00.  Right behind Jack was Jackson Felkins in 7th at 16:02.  Next to cross the line was Connor Rutledge in 8th at 16:06.  Completing the scoring positions for the day was Juan Arcila in 12th at 16:13 and Vishnu Nair in 17th at 16:18. 

 The varsity girls’ team came away with a 1st place finish, with Sofia Santamaria leading the Lady Dragons taking 10th place overall at 18:27.  Next in line was Cate Tracht in 14th at 18:40, followed by Sarah McCabe in 19th at 19:00.  Cristina Canal was next to cross the line at 19:06 in 23rd place and rounding out the scoring positions was Angie Riera in 26th at 19:10. 

 The JV Boys team took 1st place with a very impressive low score of 18 points.  Not to be outdone, the JV Girls also placed 1st with an equally impressive low team score of 17 points.  The boys had finishers in the top two places overall while the girls took the top 3 finishing positions. 

 Head Cross Country Coach Justin Leonard commented, “All four of our teams ran a great race this past weekend.  This was our last meet before our district meet so it was important that we came out and had a strong performance.  Our runners have been putting in some hard weeks of training and now it’s time for us to focus on gearing up for our qualification races.  We have put in the work now it’s time to have fun.”


Varsity Boys – Top Results

6th – Jack Meyers 16:00

7th – Jackson Felkins 16:02

8th – Connor Rutledge 16:06

12th – Juan Arcila 16:13

17th – Vishnu Nair 16:18

18th – Enzo Mortimer 16:21

20th – Nate Lannen 16:24


Varsity Girls – Top Results

10th – Sofia Santamaria 18:27

14th – Cate Tracht 18:40

19th – Sarah McCabe 19:00

23rd – Cristina Canal 19:06

26th – Angie Riera 19:10

28th – Rima Toure

29th – Kate Reppeto


JV Boys – Top Results

1st – Chase Fisher 17:02

2nd – Tim McElaney 17:03

4th – Grant Anderson 17:13

5th – Hayden Coleman 17:19

6th – Chris Duffy 17:25

7th – Steven Torres 17:25

9th – Bradley Heidebrecht 17:34


 JV Girls – Top Results

1st – Audrey Kwentus 20:27

2nd – Madalyn Wardin 20:28

3rd – Abigail McIlvain 20:29

5th – Lauren Langenberg 20:39

6th – Regan Reilley 20:45

7th – Caitlin Mertz 20:45

9th – Katherine McElaney 20:50



Next week the Dragons will prepare for the District meet on October 14 at Bob Jones Park in Southlake, TX.

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