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Sophmore Erin Fritz at Greenhill

Dragon Runners Kickoff the Season Strong at Weekend Meets


Friday Nite Hawk Invite: 

Boys Elite Varsity A&B Teams Both Place 1st

Girls Elite Varsity A&B Teams Both Also Place 1st  


Greenhill Six Mile Relay:

JV-A Boys Take 3rd and 6th Place

JV-A Girls Take 2nd, 3rd and 5th Place


Carrollton Texas and Dallas Texas (August 25th and August 26th) – The varsity Dragons came away big nabbing 1st place finishes in each of their races to kick off the season competing in the Friday Nite Hawk Invite in Carrollton, TX.  The JV Dragons competed in their first meet of the season in Dallas at the Greenhill Six Mile Relays posting some solid performances.


Friday Nite Hawk Invite - Varsity


The Carroll Boys Elite Varsity A team took 1st place in this fast 2-mile race with Connor Rutledge leading the team followed by Juan Arcila, Vishnu Nair, Drew Bliss and Jackson Felkins.  The Boys Elite Varsity B team also won top honors placing 1st in their race and earning an incredible perfect score of 15 points.  Jack Meyers led his team followed by Kieran Beirne, Antonio Flocruz, Everrett Kolto and Noah Castro. 


The Girls Elite Varsity A team posted similarly impressive results in their 2-mile race placing 1st with Cate Tracht leading her team followed by Sofia Santamaria, Sarah McCabe, Angie Riera and Lydia Lo.  The Girls Elite Varsity B team, also placing 1st posting a low total score of 30, was led by Jenna Holland, followed by Rima Toure, Shreya Veeravelli, Payton Wichman and Vy Nguyen.


Head Cross Country Coach Justin Leonard commented, “Tonight was a fun atmosphere for our teams to kick start our season.  We originally planned on running in The Woodlands but due to Hurricane Harvey we were able to compete in Hawk Friday night invite.  It was a quality field and I believe our teams competed well.  We have a long season ahead of us and we will continue focusing on running fast when it matters.”


Greenhill Six-Mile Relay– JV


Southlake Carroll had 27 JV teams competing in the 33rd Annual Greenhill Six-Mile Relay with 3 medal finishing teams.  The JV teams competed in both the JV A and B races. 


“The Greenhill 6-mile relay provided our runners with the opportunity to finally compete against other opponents.  This is a great meet for our runners new to the program as it is an introduction into competitive racing.  We use this meet to propel us into next week's Marcus 1 invite.  We are looking forward to a fun season", said Coach Leonard.






Varsity A:

3rd – Connor Rutlege – 9:54.2

6th – Juan Arcilla – 10:02.2

8th – Vishnu Nair – 10:08.4

9th – Drew Bliss – 10:09.6

10th – Jackson Felkins – 10:09.9

11th – Enzo Mortimer – 10:10.7

17th – Henry Gardner – 10:23.9


Varsity B:

1st – Jack Myers – 10:18.1

2nd – Kieran Beirne – 10:25.3

3rd – Antonio Flocruz – 10:31.5

4th – Everrett Kolto – 10:33.2

5th – Noah Castro – 10:36.2

6th – Chris Duffy – 10:49.8

8th – Steven Torres  10:58.4



Varsity A:

2nd – Cate Tracht – 11:26.7

7th – Sofia Santamaria – 11:40.2

8th – Sarah McCabe – 11:41.3

11th – Angie Riera – 12:05.2

12th – Lydia Lo – 12:05.9

14th – Cristina Canal – 12:07.6

15th – Lauren Esparza – 12:07.7


Varsity B:

2nd – Jenna Holland – 12:18.5

5th – Rima Toure – 12:38.1

6th – Shreya Veeravelli – 12:38.8

8th – Payton Wichman – 12:43.3

9th – Vy Nguyen – 12:47.4

11th – Madalyn Wardin – 12:56.5

12th – Tatum Foreman – 12:57.5



Boys JV-A

3rd - 32.30 – Brown, DesJardins, Barfield, Spraggins

6th - 33.08 – Gilley, Anderson, Fisher, Aydon




Girls JV-A

2nd – 38.36 – Potts, Drefs, McElaney, Kushwaha

3rd – 38.41 – Creech, Hrenko, Kwentus, Mertz

5th – 39.47 – Williamson, Fritz, Mcilvaine, Bagalke


Girls JV-B

3rd – 40.07 – Martin, Scarborough, Richards, Karmis



Next up, the Dragon Cross Country teams will be heading to Denton for the Marcus I Invitational held at North Lakes Park Saturday September 2, 2017.

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