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Juan Arcila, Enzo Mortimer, Connor Rutledge Marcus Seniors Juan Arcila, Enzo Mortimer, Connor Rutledge

Southlake Carroll Dragons Show Depth

At the Marcus I Invitational

Varsity Boys Elite and Varsity Boys Open Finish 1st  

Varsity Girls Elite Take 2nd / Varsity Girls Open Take 1st

JV Elite Boys Take 1st/ JV Open Finishes 2nd

JV Elite Girls Take 1st /JV Open Finishes 4th

Denton, Texas (September 2, 2017) – The Southlake Carroll Cross Country teams ran away with big wins at the Marcus I Invitational meet in Denton’s North Lakes Park on Saturday with 5 of the 8 Southlake teams placing 1st.  All teams stepped up to meet the challenge of their first 5k of the season. Between the boys and girls teams, 15 finished as National Elites*.

Coach Justin Leonard commented, "We are extremely proud of the effort our kids put into all the races at the Marcus 1 invite.  We ran in a total of 8 races and our kids competed really well. We told our runners their performances in the Marcus meet are a reflection of the amount of work they put in over the summer.  Now it's up to them to progress from this point on leading into the district, regional & state meet.  District & State medals weren't given out yesterday."

The Dragons took 1st place in the Varsity Boys Elite race with Jackson Felkins leading the team taking 5th overall with a time of 15:48, followed by Jack Meyers grabbing 9th place at 15:52, Connor Rutledge in 10th place running 15:53, Enzo Mortimer placing 14th coming in at 16:01 and Juan Arcila in 15th at 16:05 to finish out the top five.

The Varstiy Boys Open team also had an impressive 1st place finish with a low score of 25  points.  Noah Castro took 1st for the Dragons and 3rd overall with a time of 16:34.  Nate Lannen was next to cross the line with a 4th place finish and a time of 16:36, followed by Everett Kolto in 5th at 16:41, then Antonio Florcruz taking 6th with a 16:46 and Nick Arriaza finishing out the top 5 coming in 7th with a time of 16:46.

The Varsity Girls Elite team had an impressive showing as well coming in 2nd place led by Cate Tracht with a 6th place finish and a time of 18:12. Next was Sofia Santamaria taking 20th place running a 18:38, Angie Riera placed 30th with an 19:05, Christina Canal was 32nd  running a 19:09 and Sarah McCabe in 33rd place with a 19:10 to round out the top 5 scoring positions.

The Varsity Girls Open team took 1st and scored just 34 points and was led by Rima Toure taking 3rd place with a time of 19:28, followed by Vy Nguyen taking 6th running a 20:00, Payton Wichman was right behind in 7th place running a 20:00, Jenna Holland was right behind that in 8th place with a 20:00 and Tatum Foreman rounded out the top 5 with a 10th place finish at 20:16.

 Southlake Carroll also dominated the JV Elite division, taking 1st place for both boys and girls. The boys scored a low 41 points while the girls scored just 25 points, taking the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 9th place spots.

The Dragon runners will be hosting the Southlake Invitational meet next Saturday, September 9th at Bob Jones Park in Southlake.


*National Elite Standards: Boys – 16:30 or below; Girls – 19:45 or below

-Jackson Felkins, Jack Meyers, Connor Rutledge, Enzo Mortimer, Juan Arcila, Vishnu Nair, Drew Bliss, Cate Tracht, Christina Canal, Angie Riera, Sofia Santamaria, Sarah McCabe, Kate Reppeto, Lauren Esparza, Lydia Lo

  Boys Elite Varsity  (1st)                                                       Boys Varsity Open (1st)

5th  – Jackson Felkins – 15:48.11                                      3rd -- Noah Castro – 16:34.15                                           

9th – Jack Meyers --  15:52.41                                           4th – Nate Lannen – 16:36.89

10th  – Connor Rutledge – 15:53.69                                 5th – Everett Kolto – 16.41.4

14th – Enzo Mortimer – 16:01.55                                     6th – Antonio Florcruz – 16:46.18

15th – Juan Arcila – 16:05.24                                             7th – Nick Arriaza – 16:46.67

20th  – Vishnu Nair – 16:10:26                                          9th  – Lucas Levant – 16:52.35

21st – Drew Bliss – 16:10.69                                              22nd – Chris Duffy – 17:20.83


 Girls Elite Varsity (2nd)                                                         Girls Varsity Open (1st)

6th – Cate Tracht – 18:12.69                                              3rd – Rima Toure – 19:28.97

20th – Sofia Santamaria – 18:38.26                                   6th – Vy Nguyen – 20:00.03

30th – Angie Riera – 19:05.21                                           7th – Payton Wichman – 20:00.39

32nd – Christina Canal  -- 19:09.45                                    8th – Jenna Holland – 20:00.91

33rd – Sarah McCabe – 19:10.33                                      10th – Tatum Foreman – 20:16.83

37th -- Kate Reppeto – 19:16.66                                       11th -- Shreya Veeravelli – 20:18.94

39th – Lauren Esparza – 19:17.21                                     20th – Madalyn Wardin – 20:38.3


Boys Elite JV (1st) – Finishers in the Top 10                    Boys JV Open (2nd) – Finishers in the Top 10

4th – Grant Anderson – 17:19.54                                      4th – Matthew Hetrick – 19:05.25

6th – Steven Torres – 17:20.65                                         6th – Sam Schafer – 19:12.76

7th – Chase Fisher – 17:29.16                                           

9th – Bradley Heidebrecht – 17:39.91


 Girls Elite JV (1st)– Finishers in the Top 10                      Girls JV Open (4th) – Finishers in the Top 10

2nd – Grace Williamson – 20:28.85                                   2nd – Jenna Laverock – 22:41.05

3rd – Sarah Creech – 20:46.87                                          3rd – Sarah Schelling – 22:47.71

5th Audrey Kwentus – 20:58.76                                       

6th – Caitlin Mertz – 21:18.67                                           

9th – Riley Hrenko – 21:27.07



For full Marcus I meet results go to

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