House of Shine - Rise & Shine Workshop for Women



Central Standard Time



The REC of Grapevine
1175 Municipal Way - Event Hall B
Grapevine, Texas 76051

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For many, the antagonist in our own life stories is Fear. It impacts the jobs we have, the chances we take, the relationships we’re in, the worry we carry around, and of course, a long list of things we won’t try or avoid doing. Rise & Shine/Season Four is a monthly workshop series for women who are serious about authoring their own fulfilling and purpose-driven lives. There will be adventure, romance, suspense, comedy, and maybe even stories of tragedies turned triumphs. The only thing we won’t have during this page-turning season is drama!

This month we will explore our innate fears based on our Enneagram personality type.  Get the most out of the session by visiting the following site and discovering your Enneagram type:

The session is sure to provide you with thoughtful content to implement in your life, a fun community of women to connect with, and the dose of shine into your day you might not even realize you need