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Watch out! There’s some scary stuff out there in the jungle…

While Carroll Senior High School’s production of Tarzan is family friendly, there’s more to fear in their jungle than leopards!  6’5” Gareth Forsberg is playing the role of Clayton, the villainous hunter.  But despite a history of bad guy roles, Gareth is described, by the cast, as one of the happiest guys around. “I try to become that {evil} character by detaching myself from being what is socially acceptable”, Gareth says. “ I am so thrilled to show how savage Clayton is!”  Show runs November 6-9.  Tickets

ann bridgman

Ever wonder what swinging through the jungle held tightly by Tarzan might feel like?  One local Senior High Schooler knows!  McKenzie Bridgman, Carroll senior, is thrilled to be playing the role of Jane in the upcoming performances of Tarzan November 6-9 at Carroll Senior High School, Southlake.   “It’s so amazing to have the opportunity to 'fly' for this show”, McKenzie shares. “I’ve never done that before, but I’ve always wanted to.”  Theatre veterans, she and Drew Brown, playing the title role of Tarzan, have the opportunity to soar through the jungle using a complex system of harnesses and riggings, making theatre magic.  Tickets available online at

ann bridgman

1. Hire a real estate agent.  

Sure, you’ll pay commission.  But the exposure and expertise an agent brings to the process will give you a shorter time on market, and a higher selling price.  Even with the accessibility to sites like Zillow for homeowners, the time and cost of doing it yourself is significant.  Why not just hire a professional and do it right the first time?

 2. Clean out your closets.

And your shelves, and your garage, and your storage space.  Be brutal.  If you haven’t touched it in a year, give it away or sell it.  Nothing turns off a buyer quicker than personal clutter in an online picture they are viewing, or a home they are visiting.

 3 Bring in a stager.

Consider a stager as “that friend” who tells you the truth about your haircut.  She is a fresh set of eyes who can help you position your belongings to show off your home in its best light to buyers. 

4.Trust your experts.

If your agent or stager tells you to invest $3000 in your home to get $10,000 more in selling price, believe them.  No one likes to invest money in a home they are selling, but if a little chaos results in less days on the market and more money in your pocket, grit your teeth and write that check.  Your experts know what they are talking about. 

5.  Don’t delay. 

Late spring is conventionally the best time to get your home on the market, but now isn’t bad either.  Many buyers would like to be in their new homes before school starts, so selling now may mean a higher price and shorter contract to close time. 

Ann Bridgman is a decorating, staging and window treatment professional in Southlake, Tx.

ann bridgman
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Soothing blues paired with calming neutrals
Two trends I am watching for spring: Big blues, and petal power! 

Big Blues:
Navy, royal, midnight..nautical blues are rich and elegant and can be striking against white, or soothing against neutrals. They are everywhere!! 

Petal Power:
bold, graphic flowers are springing up everywhere, adding charm and detail to rooms. Try adding a large print floral pillow or rug to a space for spring!
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Ever wonder who "they" are? "They" pick the color trends for each season. "They" are the ones retailers like Pottery Barn take their cues from. "They" are Pantone, and they influence wearable fashion as well as home fashion. I love Greenhouse Fabrics for their fashion forward prints and affordable pricing. Here is how Greenhouse interprets Pantone's spring looks. Enjoy!


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Sometimes you know when the next move will be--and sometimes you don't!  Therefore it is always wise to consider the impact of your design choice on future resale.  If you plan to be in your home 7-10 years more, you can relax as the choices you make now will probably need to be redone again before you sell anyway!  But if you might be moving sooner, consider making these buyer-friendly renovations:

1. Except for the bathroom, no tile.  Homeowners universally prefer hardwood throughout a home, but certainly on the first floor.  If you have tile in your main living area, consider tearing it out now and laying down hardwood.  Yes, it may be messy and expensive, but if you do it now YOU get to enjoy it.  If you do it right before your home goes on the market, it will be a gift you give the next owner.

2.Renovate the kitchens and baths.  Styles change and so must these spaces.  Most bathrooms are outdated after 8-12 years, and most kitchens after 12-15.  Do it now, or wish you had.  It is an investment whose return is paid in home value.

3. Go light on the walls, dark on the floors.  The current trend is subtle, soft shades of paint for walls, and rich warm colors for hardwoods. Clean white trim, and smooth walls are always classic.

4. Add lighting.  You can never "overlight" a room--that's what dimmers are for!  Adding recesses ceiling lighting, chandeliers, or sconces will always make a home feel more appealing.  "Light and bright "are what buyers are looking for!

ann bridgman

Like it or not, Pottery Barn is a great barometer of what will be popular in home trends.  Unlike high design, their style is easier to blend into your existing home, and their relentless catalog delivery floods our senses with ideas we eventually consider “our own”.  They recently provided designers with a sneak peak of early spring trends they will be offering, so here is a digest to help you make “fashion forward” choices on your next home purchases:

1. Rich indigo Blue

They are using this cousin to denim blue in hues that range from deep and moody to sunwashed and beachy.  Rather than adding punches of yellow or orange that we might expect from retailers like West Elm, they pair it with neutrals, a la Restoration Hardware.  Think Belgian linen taupes.


2. Geometrics

The pattern of the moment continues:  trellis patterns, ikats and other geometrics are still the pattern of choice for rugs in particular.


3. Industrial Chic Metals

Nary a polished stainless lantern to be seen.  Metals have warmed up and are largely aged bronze (formerly known as wrought iron). These are incorporated on traditional lamps, as well as reproductions of industrial artifacts, nodding to the Steampunk trend of a couple years ago.