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Sometimes you know when the next move will be--and sometimes you don't!  Therefore it is always wise to consider the impact of your design choice on future resale.  If you plan to be in your home 7-10 years more, you can relax as the choices you make now will probably need to be redone again before you sell anyway!  But if you might be moving sooner, consider making these buyer-friendly renovations:

1. Except for the bathroom, no tile.  Homeowners universally prefer hardwood throughout a home, but certainly on the first floor.  If you have tile in your main living area, consider tearing it out now and laying down hardwood.  Yes, it may be messy and expensive, but if you do it now YOU get to enjoy it.  If you do it right before your home goes on the market, it will be a gift you give the next owner.

2.Renovate the kitchens and baths.  Styles change and so must these spaces.  Most bathrooms are outdated after 8-12 years, and most kitchens after 12-15.  Do it now, or wish you had.  It is an investment whose return is paid in home value.

3. Go light on the walls, dark on the floors.  The current trend is subtle, soft shades of paint for walls, and rich warm colors for hardwoods. Clean white trim, and smooth walls are always classic.

4. Add lighting.  You can never "overlight" a room--that's what dimmers are for!  Adding recesses ceiling lighting, chandeliers, or sconces will always make a home feel more appealing.  "Light and bright "are what buyers are looking for!

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