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Why you need a Contractor AND an Interior Designer 


Withs so many homes in Tarrant County needing updates, having an interior designer as well as a contractor for your home remodeling project greatly benefits you, the client. The designer has a unique set of skills and expertise that brings a different perspective to the project, with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and overall design vision.  

The benefits to the client of having a designer on the project are numerous. First, a designer can help you develop a clear vision for the project and create a cohesive design plan that incorporates your style and preferences. Second, the designer will guide you through material, finish, and fixture selection process, and lead you to products that are both functional and beautiful, as well as available on your timeline. 

A designer on your project team will also help eliminate stress and errors. A designer can work with the client and the contractor to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the project is moving forward smoothly and efficiently. Because your designer “speak contractor", she can also serve as a mediator/translator between the client and contractor if any issues arise, helping to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes that can lead to costly delays or revisions. Serving as another set of eyes, she can catch errors early and identify solutions. 

Overall, a designer in a home remodeling project will make the process less stressful, improve your final outcome, and ensure your new space is not only functional, but also beautiful and tailored to your individual needs and style. 

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