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3 Spring Trends


3 Spring trends




While noble blue is still uber popular, watch for a bit warmth entering home furnishings in coming months. Dashes of red (not your 1990’s shade of course!) will add energy to your spaces.  Try it on a rug!




Watercolor abstracts, pastel palettes and large brushstroke patterns are showing up on everything from fabrics to lamps.  Add an accessory that brings a little Monet into your garden!




After years of seeking the simplicity of straight lines in furniture, curves are returning on everything from ottomans, to mirrors and chair arms.  Softened edges, and more feminine silhouettes feel right at home among transitional pieces.  Antiques are fitting into our homes better than in years.  Try adding an accent table with some curves! is now offering online virtual consultations no matter your location!

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