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After bath remodel After bathroom renovation by, Ann Bridgman

Planning a Bathroom Renovation in the DFW area 

Creating a spa-like bathroom retreat is all about selecting fixtures that provide the ideal combination of fashion and function.  Many of our North Texas homes were built 20 years ago or more and our bathrooms are sorely in need of an update.

The first step in any bathroom design is to focus on function and determine what you would like to change.   

  • What storage are you lacking? 

  • What materials are you tired of? 

  • What do you wish you had in there that you are lacking? 

The second step is to think about your dream look.  Peruse your favorite designer website, Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest and save the images you like—even if their bathroom layouts are different than yours.   

  • What is common to all your pictures? 

  • What finishes are you drawn to? 

  • What is the overall style of most of your images? 

With these ideas in mind, hire an interior designer and contractor to help you price out your dreams. 

Choosing Bathroom Essentials 

Whether it is a small powder room or a grand master bathroom, your plumbing fixtures are the essence of function for your space, so choose them wisely. 



A shower is one of the most-used elements in the bathroom. southlake area real estate professionals at Ebby-southlake tell me a luxury shower in a master bath Is more important than a tub these days. When renovating the shower, your contractor should install a waterproof system to prevent against future leaks, and use stain and mildew resistant grout to help things keep looking new. 

  • Consider adding a handheld sprayer for cleaning and flexibility 

  • Build in recessed niches to hold beauty products 

  • Remove bench to increase the visual size of the space 




Many people enjoy at least an occasional soak in a comfortable bathtub. Tubs come in a wide array of styles, including freestandingalcovedrop-in, and undermount varieties. In the 1990’s jetted tubs were in vogue, but now freestanding soaker tubs are favored for their cleanliness and simplicity.  If you have a luxury shower, maybe storage or a make up vanity would be a better use of that space. 

  • Do you take baths frequently? 

  • What features in a tub are important to you? 

  • Is there something else you can put in that space that would be more valuable for you? 



    Getting ready for your day starts at the bathroom vanity. This is the largest piece of furniture in any bathroom and one of the primary sources of storage for the space. Custom building your vanity can allow you to customize it to your personal needs.  Building in pull outs to tame hair styling equipment is popular, as well as hiding everyday countertop clutter behind towers.  

    • What accumulates on your countertops and how could you build a better home for it? 

    • What would you like to store in the vanities? 

    • How can the style of the vanity add to the look of the room? 





Choosing your bathroom countertops requires a little thought as well.  Man made quartz countertops have different pros and cons from natural materials like marble, quartzite and granite.  Polished, satin or honed finish can add a decorative contrast to your flooring and wall décor. 


  • How tidy do you keep your countertops? 

  • Do you use hair color or other highly staining materials in your bathroom? 

  • Do you like a consistent pattern or a naturally varied look? 


Keeping our north Texas homes up to date includes updating bathrooms.  Hiring a professional who has walked clients through this process dozens of times can be a wise investment in saving you time and money. While the process of a bathroom renovation can seem daunting, it is so worth it in the end!  


Ann Bridgman 






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