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Tub removed and storage added Tub was removed and storage added.

When renovating your master bath, do you need to keep your jacuzzi tub?

"Do I need to keep the tub?"

Because we have so many people moving into North Texas, this question is often asked at my renovation consultations.  If you are a bath taker the questions becomes whether to replace it or just what's around it.

But if you are not a bath taker, do you need to keep it for resale? Will you be staying in the house another 8-12 years? If so, then design for yourself as your bathroom will likely be ready to be renovated again by the time you move. If you may be moving sooner, than ask yourself what you could do with the square footage if the tub was removed. Do you need more storage? Maybe add drawers as the homeowner did in the attached picture. Maybe you could expand your shower?

If there is another tub somewhere in the house, remove the dated tub and gain functional space at the same time. Use that precious square footage to tailor your master bath to how you live. Make it work for your family. For resale, add more luxury to your shower: add another shower head, body sprayer or beautiful tile. Most buyers will accept a luxurious shower if no tub is present.

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