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North Texan homes require regular investment to stay current.  Most bathrooms require major updates every 8-12 years.  But fortunately, a beautiful bathroom can be created on any budget!   Incorporate one or more of these elements for a fresh, up to date look. (all designs by Ann Bridgman)

rustic wood tile
Photo-realistic tile in shower surround
  1. Rustic Elements

There are wonderful photo-realistic tiles out there that can be used on floors, but are great in shower surrounds as well.  Consider adding a wall of reclaimed wood, a concrete vanity top, or river rocks on the floor of your shower.

transitional look

2. Timeless  Appeal

This look is also known as transitional: classic marble, cleaner lines, less ornate architectural details, simpler tile designs, and patterns.


Elegant and restorative shower
Elegant and restorative shower

3. Spa Retreat

Hotels and restaurants figured out years ago that ambiance is key for creating an inviting atmosphere and homeowners are starting to crave this inviting look too.  A mix of natural materials, soft cool tones, and great lighting really create a wonderful retreat.



4. Luxury

Pick one or two luxury items to include in your design.  Maybe it's a beautiful mosaic, a programmable shower head, or custom storage solutions that will result in daily joy for the user.

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