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Stone fireplace before and after gray washing Stone fireplace was updated by gray washing with chaulk paint.


So you've decided to move away from the Gold-Red-Green color palette so popular here in North Texas a few years back, and embrace the soft gray looks you see on HGTV. But what about that pesky fireplace? Does he stand out like an unwanted guest in the room? You love the the texture the Texas river rock or brick brings, but not the heavy color. Try gray washing! Simply put, you are applying a light, watered down paint to your porous rocks or bricks, letting it absorb, then blotting the excess off. The amount you apply determines how much of the natural color variation in your fireplace material shows through the newly applied paint. The stone fireplace look above was achieved with chalk paint, and the brick with a solution of 3 parts water and 1 part paint. While pinterest assures me it is easy to do,, I left my customers' fireplaces to professionals! They found it very easy to do, but it is important you are on hand to determine how much of the original surface color you would like to show through. The result is a fireplace that still holds as the room's focal point, but blends more quietly with soft gray walls, allowing your pretty art, accessories, curtains and furniture to stand out!

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