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Physicians of Executive Medicine of Texas Walter Gaman, MD, Elizabeth Cox, MD, Mark Anderson, MD

Executive Medicine of Texas is internationally recognized as a luxury medical practice. For long over a decade, they have added selective services which benefit patient well-being and add a level of convenience. Judy Gaman, Director of Business Development said, “We are very calculated in each decision we make. It has to be safe, effective, and there has to be an interest from our patient population. Once that is established we determine the best possible way to move forward.”

Executive Medicine moved into their new facility in 2017. Gaman continues, “We experienced exponential patient population growth since our inception in 2005. The new facility allows us not only to add staff and services, but to do so in a luxury, five-star atmosphere.” The new location is located at the corner of Highway 114 and Kimball Avenue in Southlake, Texas. Infusion therapy is one of the services Executive Medicine of Texas has now added at the new location.

Nuuvo Health is known for their personalized service and mobile abilities, so this was a natural fit for both Executive Medicine of Texas and Nuuvo Health. J. Mark Anderson, MD, founding partner at Executive Medicine said, “We weren’t looking to reinvent the wheel. We knew what we wanted, but only wanted to join forces with a company that would fit with our philosophies and commitment to service.”

The feelings from Nuuvo seemed to be much of the same, as John Ruffino, MD, founding partner at Nuuvo Health explained, "For over a year I have searched for the right medical practice to partner with, a practice ripe with compassion, competency and professionalism - I have finally found that and more in Executive Medicine."

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