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Angela Brumbaugh

Meet Angela Brumbaugh, a Texas-based writer who has penned nearly a dozen books for children under the name Angela Winegar. The books vary in theme, but there are life lessons that run throughout the literary works that seek to inspire children to work hard, bring passion to each endeavor and never give up despite life's struggles. Brumbaugh also puts her creative use of words to work as a lyricist and songwriter. Her song, Between Black and White, was selected and incorporated on Celeste Savoie’s album titled Exposed. Brumbaugh's poems have been featured on blogs and magazines and even presented as gifts to distinguished community leaders.

Brumbaugh is also an accomplished actor and model with the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas. She has appeared in numerous commerical, TV/Film and documentary projects, along with various print campaigns. Angela lives in the DFW-area with her husband, son and dog. We wanted to know more about her her creative inspiration and she was kind enough to answer a few questions:

Dawn Tongish: Please begin by telling us about your children's books? 

Angela Brumbaugh: I wrote A Very Backwards “What-If Book” specifically to encourage children to challenge norms in our society in a very fun and whimsical way.  The question “What-If” not only gets children actively engaged in the story, but it also has the reader predicting outcomes with no right or wrong answer.  This creates a learning environment that fosters creativity without boundaries.  Several schools around the DFW area have implemented “What If” special activity days.  They include FWISD, Ashley’s Cedar Hill, Pantego Christian, Lancaster, Primrose, Kinderplatz, and many more. You can find my books at Amazon.  


What If You Walked On Your Hands Instead Of Your Feet? Would Your Gloves Be Your Shoes As You Walked Down The Street? “What If” days include:

1)     Writing Your Own What-If

2)     Kids Wearing Clothing Backwards

3)     Kids Doing Homework Upside Down  

The “Music Man” series focuses on children discovering their musical gifts after they meet a magical music man.  The Music Man guides them through the ups and downs of choosing an instrument and offers them advice they will remember long after he’s gone.  Currently, there are five books in the series and many more on the way. “The Adventures of Grinn and Barrett” – This is the story about an unlikely friendship between a dog and donkey.  After some time, the two learn to see the best qualities in each other and become best friends. “Missy’s Memoirs” – This is a chapter book that focuses on an amazing dog’s very unique perception of the world around her.

DT: Why did you decide to write for young readers?  

AB: The main reason I chose writing books for children is to create something that would not only entertain and teach important life lessons, but to also inspire kids to keep reading.

DT: What is the message you hope to share in your books for young readers? 

AB: The messages and themes all vary, but they share some basic commonalities such as work hard, follow your heart, learn from others, and to never ever give up.

DT: With all of the video games and technical devices today, children can be pulled away from reading? Does that concern you?

AB: I do wonder what today’s generation will gain or lose from having an abundance of entertainment options at their fingertips. On one hand, I see the downside, but on the other I see that kids now have more options to learn.  I look at it this way, people who enjoy watching actors perform live will always go to the plays and those who like to watch television programs will always choose television.  It’s the same concept with reading.  Those who love getting lost in a book will always love getting lost in a book.  Those who do not enjoy reading will find another way to learn or understand a topic.

DT: What is your best advice to parents on how to keep their children interested in reading? 

AB: The best advice I can give to parents is read with your children at all ages.  When they become teenagers, continue to read what they are reading.  I’m not saying sit down and read to your teenager, but be interested in what they are reading.  I know day to day it can seem impossible to add one more task to your plate, but it keeps the children interested if you can ask them relevant questions about the book they are reading. 

DT: You recently have experienced success as a songwriter. Can you share your exciting news? 

AB: Yes, a song I wrote “Between Black and White” was selected to be on Canadian Artist Celeste Savoie’s album titled Exposed.  The meaning behind the song is very personal and I am proud that it was produced and released by such an amazing group of artists. My poems have also been featured on blogs and magaines. I wrote one poem to honor WWII Veteran Delbert Belton. 

DT: You are also an actor/model with the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas. Can you talk about some of your past projects and potential ones on the horizon? 

AB: My past projects include portraying Jackie Kennedy on the Discovery and National Geographic documentaries, Dave and Buster’s Commercials, Beneful Advertisement (a favorite because of the amazing dogs and puppies), Samsung Tablets, Zales print, AAFES, HEB and many more. Only time will tell about future opportunities. 

DT: You are so creative. To who or what do you credit all of this talent? 

AB: I believe wholeheartedly my abilities as a writer are God-given, and that every experience good and bad has made me the writer I am today. 

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