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Seeds For Survival 

On cold, wintry days, most birds fluff up their feathers, creating air pockets that help keep the birds warm. Fluffy feathers is not enough to survive the harshness of winter, however. 
Shivering is used by almost all birds. Birds convert muscular energy into heat for the short term and that energy must be replaced soon.

Cold weather increases a bird's caloric requirements at a time when food is most scarce. There are no insects flying around, and seeds, weeds, fruits, and nuts are often nowhere to be found.


BJNC Protects and Feeds

A team of volunteers and Master Naturalists work together at the Bob Jones Nature Center to provide shelter, food, and water for the over 300 species of birds that visit DFW annually.
Birds are provide the highest quality meals ranging from black-oil sunflower seed (the "hamburger" of seeds), peanuts, nyjer and more.
The grand variety of birds at the Nature Center - finches, warblers, sparrows, wrens, and more - are happy to find sanctuary here.

What You Can Do to Help

There are many ways to get involved with caring for birds in winter.
  • Put out high capacity feeders and fill with quality, fatty, feed
  • Hang feeders in cat-safe areas
  • Set up a bird bath
  • Volunteer! Join the BJNC team of volunteers to help bird feeding and maintenance
  • Donate! Send a tax-deductible gift or bag of bird seed to the Nature Center to support bird-care efforts

Birds Need Seeds! 

Winter is a trying time of year for most wildlife. Although some species find solace in hibernating or migrating, many birds challenge winter in DFW.
Like a child in need, our local birds need our help to survive with enough food, water and shelter this season.
Help feed our local bird population. Your tax-deductable gift today can help feed over 300 species of birds in DFW.
Consider donating a bag of tasty seeds with your family:
  • PB & J Suet
  • Naturally Nuts Suet
  • Shelled Peanuts
  • No-Mess Seed Blend
  • Woodpecker Mini
  • Nuts & Berries Suet
Welcome to a unique opportunity to explore and discover. Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is here to help you appreciate the beauty and understand the importance of our Cross Timbers ecosystem. Come to hike, bird, or learn more about this precious North Central Texas habitat. The Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is a City of Southlake park, 501(3)(c) nonprofit, and a treasure for all of us. The mission of Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is to restore and preserve the Eastern Cross Timbers ecosystem through environmental leadership, education, and compatible outdoor activities. - Contact Bob Jones Nature Center at  
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