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3 Ways Preschoolers Excel with Nature Education 

1. Natural play encourages teamwork

Children work together to build forts, move logs to search for insects, amongst other things. Studies have shown that children become more social when they are engaged in this type of play. The development of social skills like these is paramount for kindergarten readiness.

2. Nature education improves cognitive ability

Nature immersion programs benefit children mentally, physically, and emotionally. Children’s cognitive abilities, focus, and attention improve after contact with nature, even in children with ADHD. Students with exposure to environmental education develop a lasting understanding of science. Children also gain improved problem solving abilities and an increased motivation to learn. Children who have participated in this type of education score higher on standardized tests in reading, listening, math, writing, and critical thinking.  

3. Children who play outdoors are more active

Children who spend more time outdoors are more physically active, have improved motor skills and are less likely to struggle with obesity. Children enrolled in outdoor education programs show improvements in self-esteem and confidence, and a reduction in behavior problems.

The Bob Jones Nature Center’s Pathfinders Nature Preschool program, as in many other nature education programs, provides abundant time for the relaxed, uninterrupted, and unstructured play that children need to succeed. Perhaps the most important aspect of Forest School is that it promotes joyfulness and a sense of well-being.


Nature immersion outdoor preschool classes in the Cross Timbers Ecosysyem:

The Bob Jones Nature Center new and enhanced Cross Timbers Forest Preschool program is based on European-style Forest Schools. Children, aged 3-5 years old, will explore nature through hands-on activities, nature lessons, music, stories, hikes, and crafts. At the Bob Jones Nature Center, we conduct our classes based on the research that natural environments inspire more creative play, improved concentration, teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving. The Cross Timbers Ecosystem provides the ideal outdoor classroom for your children to grow and begin to understand how humans, their development, and the natural world are integrally connected. 

Many of us know intuitively that children should spend time engaged outdoors and there is ample scientific research which confirms our intuition. Course topics are carefully chosen to allow children to experience the Cross Timbers flora and fauna at their most active and interesting times during their life cycle.

A healthy, organic snack will be provided during the class. Please wear closed toed shoes, clothing appropriate for outdoor weather, and bring a water bottle. *Children must be potty independent. Want to send more than one child? Receive a 10% sibling discount. 


Location: Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve, 355 E Bob Jones Road, Southlake, TX 76092

Date(s): August 23-December 16 (16 weeks)

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Ages: 3-5, must be potty independent

Class Size: Min 4 – Max 12 (Student to Instructor Ratio 1:6)


Four-day: 4 monthly payments of $505 ($31.56 per class)

Two-day: 4 monthly payments of $280 ($35 per class)

One-day: 1 payment of $600 ($37.50 per class)

Term cost will be prorated after program starts.

Register your child for Cross Timbers Forest Preschool now!

Welcome to a unique opportunity to explore and discover. Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is here to help you appreciate the beauty and understand the importance of our Cross Timbers ecosystem. Come to hike, bird, or learn more about this precious North Central Texas habitat. The Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is a City of Southlake park, 501(3)(c) nonprofit, and a treasure for all of us. The mission of Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is to restore and preserve the Eastern Cross Timbers ecosystem through environmental leadership, education, and compatible outdoor activities. - Contact Bob Jones Nature Center at  
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